10 Things I wish I knew before getting a puppy! | Puppy

Don't get me wrong, getting a puppy was the best decision I have ever made. The BEST decision. Even if I knew every single one of these things before hand, I would have not made a different decision. I love my dog and I would 100% consider her to be my first child. However, I… Continue reading 10 Things I wish I knew before getting a puppy! | Puppy


Hello 2019

Well, if you saw my post yesterday then you will know that I've looked back and said goodbye to 2018. With that, I have to now look forward and say hello to 2019. I had no plans for how I wanted to see the new year in. My boyfriend has to work today so we definitely… Continue reading Hello 2019

A Final Hurrah to 2018! | Life

I just logged onto my blog to write this post and noticed that I only ever got as far as day one of Blogmas. It's so bad that it's almost funny, made only funnier by the fact I actually had 13 blog posts written and saved just waiting for photos and final checks before I… Continue reading A Final Hurrah to 2018! | Life

Christmas Q&A | Blogmas Day 1

Merry Blogmas! I thought I would kick things off with a simple, festive Q&A to help you get to know a little bit more about me and how I plan to spend the festive season! If you have any more questions let me know and I'd love to see your answers to these questions too!… Continue reading Christmas Q&A | Blogmas Day 1

What you need to watch on Netflix | Lifestyle

I absolutely love Netflix and aside from what I spend on my puppy, it is probably the best £5.99 I spend each month! It's even better because I don't actually pay for it - my boyfriend does. I really struggle to watch movies because I just can't focus for the long without getting bored and… Continue reading What you need to watch on Netflix | Lifestyle

Homemade Greek Salad Bowls | Cooking

Controversial as it may be I actually do enjoy a homemade lunch box! That being said, I don't like a homemade sandwich, I only enjoy lunch when it's a proper meal. I decided that I would make some Greek salads for lunch this week and I thought I might as well share them with you! … Continue reading Homemade Greek Salad Bowls | Cooking

My Christmas List | 2018

Can you believe it's now less than a month to go until Christmas? I sure can't! One of my favourite things to do in the run up to Christmas is to write down my Christmas list and work out what I would like for Christmas. As I've gotten older my list has been getting shorter… Continue reading My Christmas List | 2018

Welcome Home Winnie! | Puppy

If you follow me on Instagram then perhaps you might have spotted this photo which popped up! I decided to get my boyfriend a very special Christmas present this year. I have been wanting to get a puppy ever since we met and especially since we moved into this flat! I figured that she would… Continue reading Welcome Home Winnie! | Puppy

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan | Cooking

Why I Became a Vegetarian? My boyfriend and I, personally, became vegetarian because we had just moved out and started cooking for ourselves and we realised just how expensive it was to buy meat! Although the original reason for giving up meat was to keep our food shopping bills down, we have since done a… Continue reading Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan | Cooking

Top UK Cities to Visit | Travel

I've really enjoyed so many adventures this year and I thought that I should share the best towns and cities in the UK which I love to visit! I love them all for different reasons and there's a bunch of fun things to do in each one! Cambridge I love Cambridge, probably because it's my… Continue reading Top UK Cities to Visit | Travel