Charity Shop Haul

I try to set myself goals a lot - I don't always live up to my goals but it's good to try. For October, my goal was to not buy any new clothes. Since starting a job where I get to wear my own clothes, I've definitely noticed a sudden influx of pieces being added… Continue reading Charity Shop Haul

Treat box unboxing | October

I have always loved subscription boxes, I find it so exciting getting a little present delivered to your door each month! It's a great way of trying out new things that you might not normally think to buy and give yourself a bit of love. In the past I have subscribed to beauty boxes like… Continue reading Treat box unboxing | October

Four things to do in Fall

It's October 1st and I love me some fall - or autumn because I'm English. It's my absolute favourite season because it's an excuse to get all cosy, get your coats and jumpers out and light those candles! What better way to celebrate the start of my favourite month than to share my favourite things… Continue reading Four things to do in Fall

From the Changing Room to the Board Room

Okay so that title really dramatises what I'm writing about but you get the gist. I've gone from teaching babies their first words, wiping noses and changing bums to the vastly different world of 'the office.' Technically we don't have a board room, we have a small room downstairs which has a table and chairs… Continue reading From the Changing Room to the Board Room

London to Brighton | Training Day One

"I'm thinking of doing something and I'm not sure if it's a bit crazy." That's the sort of message you get from your friend and you know straight away that you're about to be roped into doing something that you would probably never have decided on by yourself. I got that very message from one… Continue reading London to Brighton | Training Day One

10 Things I wish I knew before getting a puppy! | Puppy

Don't get me wrong, getting a puppy was the best decision I have ever made. The BEST decision. Even if I knew every single one of these things before hand, I would have not made a different decision. I love my dog and I would 100% consider her to be my first child. However, I… Continue reading 10 Things I wish I knew before getting a puppy! | Puppy

Hello 2019

Well, if you saw my post yesterday then you will know that I've looked back and said goodbye to 2018. With that, I have to now look forward and say hello to 2019. I had no plans for how I wanted to see the new year in. My boyfriend has to work today so we definitely… Continue reading Hello 2019