February 1st 2017

Today I woke up late, I had barely slept the night before because I’ve been ill so I just could not get comfortable. When I finally did wake up I didn’t know what to do with myself, I felt horrible and I really did not want to move. I figured I should try and get myself out of bed and eat some breakfast so I did and I started watching some Netflix – the one silver lining to being ill! I decided that although I felt horrible I wanted to do something somewhat productive with my day so I plugged my laptop in and I got started on some coursework. If I want to finish my apprenticeship on time I really need to get cracking! Before I got started, I had to quickly write up a letter to our brownie parents to ask who wanted to go on a brownie pack holiday that I am planning – you can never have too much on your plate, right?

I did some work and binged some shadow hunters (I’ve finished all my series on Netflix, any suggestions are greatly welcomed!) I decided I wanted to do something more, of course its important to get my work done and of course it’s always fun to just lay in bed and do nothing but I wanted to do something, every night for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a productive use of my time. Sure I could do coursework but after being at work all day I’m way too tired, sure I could do crafting but I don’t want to clear it all away after, sure I could just watch TV but I want to feel like I’m doing something with my time. I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to start up a new blog, I have previously done a blog but I wanted something that is all about me and my life, something which I can look back on and remember how I felt and what I did. I did think surely I could just write a diary, just for me but theres something about blogging that always appeals to me. I don’t know if it’s the tip tapping on the keyboard, the idea that someone might actually enjoy what I write or the idea that someone might actually reach out back to me. None of which I get when I’m writing in a book which is hidden from everyone – plus theres no motivation when theres no one to read it.

I decided to set up this blog and my goal is to write daily, the hope is that this blog will give me something to look back on and remember what I got up to, somewhere to improve my writing skills, something that someone else just might want to read and also to give me somewhere to offload and clear my mind. You can achieve a whole lot more with a cleared mind so why not give it a go. Plus – I need to somehow justify my endless pinterest scrolling.

sick day.jpg

I also decided to take a few little breaks from my productivity today, first I watched ‘into the woods’ on Netflix and I loved it. At first I was a little confused as there was so much going on in the film but after I got into it I really enjoyed seeing how all the different story lines interlinked. The second break I took was to watch Scribble Prints co plan with me, planning is something that I have really enjoyed doing for a long time but unfortunately because of my limited apprenticeship funds it’s something that is very hard to do and therefore I watch a lot of plan with me’s to fulfil my craving!

Unfortunately I have been off work for a couple of days because I was quite ill so I had to make a phone call to work to let them know that I’ll be back at work tomorrow which I am actually quite excited for, it genuinely is so lovely when you honestly LOVE your job. Having said that, as much as I do love my job, I also love a day off and I’ve got a nice long weekend coming up so I decided to write myself a to do list so that I could be super productive over my four day weekend.

A challenge that I have set for myself in February is to do something everyday – at least ONE thing – that benefits someone other than myself. When you’re sitting at home wallowing in self pity and your bank account is lower than – I’ll be honest I can’t think of a half decent metaphor so I’m going to just leave it, I’m sure you get the picture, that’s pretty hard to do so today I had to settle for something pretty useless but I did the washing up for everyone. Not quite the grand gesture I had hoped for but none the less it saves someone else the job.

I spent some time enjoying The Mitchalaks vlogs on youtube, I particularly enjoyed their most recent Disney world video which got me super excited about my upcoming trip to Disneyland, I might not be going to Disney World (which will forever remain my ultimate dream!) but I am going to Disneyland Paris for the 8th time and I cannot wait! I am going with a friend this time so I am looking forward to seeing disney in a different light as every time that I have been before it has been with family so I’m expecting a slightly different disney experience this time.

Another nod to helping someone else out today was cooking dinner for my best friend. Unlike me, he had actually spent a long day at work so I figured he deserved to come home to dinner ready on the table. Or on his lap whilst we settle in front of the TV to watch last nights big brother. Another small gesture but he appreciated it and that’s what counts.

I’m going to sign off from today with the intentions to cuddle up in bed and watch some Brooklyn 99 – Netflix will forever be my best friend. I hope to catch you back here tomorrow.





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