February 3rd 2017

I know this feels like cheating as I was only back at work for one day but – 4 day weekend! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, even though it’s my day off, I was still up early as I had to take my boyfriend to the station because unlike me (this seems to be happening a lot recently!) he had work. Whilst I was already out I figured it made sense to head to the post office and pick up a parcel which I had missed a couple of days before. After a pretty confusing trip to the post office – I’m still fairly new to the area and don’t really get out much in my town as I tend to run errands in my lunch break in the next town over – I headed home and put the bins out. All of these little tasks earned me three ticks on my to do list!

After coming home from doing these tasks I sat down and I did my favourite thing that I wish I had the time to do every day – I made my to do list! My dream is to wake up every morning sit myself down at my breakfast bar whilst I tuck into my avocado toast, and drink my tea (I wish it was coffee but I just cannot stand the taste) whilst I write out my daily to do list and reflect on the previous day. *Sigh* One day I’m sure I can achieve this dream..

My to do list for today:

  • 2 year old check for work – Didn’t get done but only because I need some help from my manager to get it done
  • Scan witness statement – Done
  • Upload Witness statement – Done
  • White washing – Done and I hung it out and did another load of washing which I also hung out (WIN!)
  • Collect parcel – Done
  • Write February birthday cards – Done, I love writing birthday cards especially because I bought all my cards from Etsy for this months birthdays and I love anything that comes from Etsy!
  • Unit 3 – I have actually done some of this.. But as for completing it, that did not happen.
  • Put away all paperwork on desk – Done and more besides, I decided to completely clean the desk. Like, I put everything away and I wiped it all down! I even decided to move the desk around to a different place in the room, something that I have wanted to do for a while but had not got around to doing. 
  • Upload next step for work – Done!
  • Write blog post – Doing this right now but by the time you’re reading – DONE!
  • Pick my boyfriend up from work – Done!
  • Nando’s take out – We still ate dinner, I still get a tick right?
  • Book a show around for brownie pack holiday – Done and I rang them to get all the information I needed. Always hate making phone calls but somehow doing it makes me feel like a real adult. 
  • Washing up – Done
  • Pair socks – Done, this is one of the most tedious jobs as an adult and how is it that I have an entire drawer of odd socks? Someone, please tell me where all my socks are going?
  • Put bins out – Done

Luckily, I have been super productive today and have actually managed to tick a fair few things of my list. Another reason I got to tick so much of my list is because you may notice I like to put the smallest of tasks onto my list because the satisfaction of ticking things off is just great! Also, unfortunately the unit of work that I’m doing for my apprenticeship is a unit which I have already written about a million times before and therefore I have zero interest in it. This is unfortunate because I’m staring at my screen for a whole lot longer than I am actually writing anything however every cloud has a silver lining because I have actually managed to get nearly every other thing on my to do list done (plus more besides) just because I really did not want to do that work.


Even if I didn’t achieve all of the work I had planned for today, I did get a lot done and I’m proud of myself for everything that I did get done. I even managed to find some time to finish making my boyfriends valentines present, I’m not sure if he reads this, so just to be on the safe side I’m going to wait until valentines to share that with you! I’m so proud of myself and every little thing that I have achieved today that I am indeed going to celebrate.. With a nice large glass of wine and that nando’s that’s on my to do list.

I headed out to pick my boyfriend up ready to collect our nando’s and head back home – luckily I didn’t go out in my pyjamas because instead of getting take out instead we went out for dinner, the wait was a bit long in nando’s and I was getting aggy so I needed feeding! We headed to Wildwood and shared some lovely baked brie for starter, I followed it with a grilled mushroom and halloumi burger with sweet potato fries and it was beautiful. I’m heading further towards not eating meat, and whilst I don’t want to label myself as being a vegetarian just yet, meals like that remind me that I really do not need meat in my life! We don’t always like to get desserts in the restaurant so we paid our bill and headed home, stopping at Sainsbury’s on the way to pick up a cheesecake for dessert. We came home and enjoyed our cheese cake in front of the telly in our pyjamas – perfect.

Now I’m at home, typing up this blog, feeling very happy and content with my day. I feel like it’s been the perfect mix of productive and lazy and now I cannot wait to snuggle in bed with my best friend and fall asleep safe in the knowledge that I have no alarm set for tomorrow! Goodnight.





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