February 4th 2017

Some days you just want to wake up and hear that pitter patter of rain against the window. Usually this is on a day where you know you have no plans, you don’t even have to get dressed, or out of bed for that matter. Well today was just one of those days, I was surprisingly happy when I woke up to the sound of rain outside, it made laying there in the arms of my best friend, knowing that neither one of us had anywhere to be, that bit more cosy.

When we woke up this morning we did our favourite thing, we stayed in bed and watched Netflix – perfect! After this lovely introduction to the morning we had some breakfast and we got ready for a trip to Tesco. We did consider talking a lovely stroll down the road together but the rain put pay to that and instead we jumped in the car and dashed in! We had already mapped out a plan for the day and we knew we wanted to make a french lunch and macarons. I’m a big list maker so don’t you worry I was ready with my list.

Bread, milk, rolls, dijon mustard, gruyère cheese, turkey, ham, pink gel food colouring, ground almonds, white chocolate chips, salted butter, lemon, raspberry jam, croissants, conditioner, whipped cream. 

£20 later and everything we needed in hand, we headed home ready to start our us day. My absolute favourite kind! My boyfriend works a lot of weekends and when he’s not at work we usually have already made plans to see family and friends so it’s not all the time that we get to spend a day together doing all of our favourite things just enjoying one another’s company.


We started off by making ourselves a French lunch of croque monsieur. We used one of Tesco’s recipe cards that they have in the entrance of our Tesco with all different recipes which we would never have thought to use! It was super yummy, made all the better because we made it together. We sat down with our lunches in front of Beauty and the Beast, I’ve subtly hinted – or blatantly told.. – my boyfriend that I want to see the new beauty and the beast film as it comes out around my birthday so we figured we ought to watch the original film as neither of us can ever remember watching it! I’m sure I must have seen the film at some point as when I was younger I remember begging my mum for a real princess dress but instead of buying me one of the bulk made, overly priced dresses from the disney shop, she actually hand made me the most beautiful yellow Belle dress and holy shit that had to have been one of my best birthdays. I felt like a real life princess. I wish I still had that dress, not that it would fit me even if I did have it!

I loved watching beauty and the beast as it did that thing to me that all Disney movies somehow do where it weaves its way into your brain and you’re sat there falling in love with a beast and feeling every bit as magical as the enchanted rose. Damn, I love Disney.


After we finished watching the film we decided to get started on baking some macarons. Something which I’ve heard is pretty difficult and based on previous experience I was certain that we had about zero chance of succeeding with our challenge. Luckily I was doing this with my boyfriend who is the biggest lover of following all recipes to the letter, unlike me who is very happy to just chuck this in here and that in there. Much to my surprise, after following every step exactly, we actually managed to make tiny but actual real macarons! They looked beautiful and they tasted wonderful. Go us.


In between making and filling the macarons with a white chocolate and lemon ganache and raspberry jam, we also managed to watch Tangled – another one of my favourite Disney films. I’m pretty sure I could say that about every disney film I have ever watched. By the time we had done all of this, it was almost dinner time so we got started on our american style dinner. My brother bought us a burger and fries gift set for christmas with a burger cook book and everything you need to make and serve the best fries! Since we are trying to reduce our meat intake we managed to find a bean burger recipe which looked really nice. We chopped and soaked our potatoes and prepared the beans for the burgers before seasoning and cooking everything which went surprisingly well. Usually we don’t have much luck with cooking and at least one element of everything we do goes to shit but today was surprisingly successful in that we made three different foods and all of them went well.


One of my favourite things is to serve foods in a way that I can enjoy sharing on my instagram so I decided to serve our burgers in red plastic baskets that very much remind me of a bowling date, we put the fries in the bowls which came in our set and I put some mayo into a couple of mini jam jars. I love the way they looked, all I needed was those sticks that they put into burgers! Everything tasted super good but I think we needed some salad or a lot more mayo in our burgers as they were a little bit dry!

We finished of our evening catching up on celebrity big brother, I have no idea what to do with my evenings now that’s over, and I made those super rich hot chocolates where you literally just warm up some milk and stir a block of chocolate into your favourite mug (and top with whipped cream – of course!) The perfect way to end my favourite kind of us day. Goodnight.



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