February 5th 2017

I woke up today feeling a little bit worried. I was worried that it was my last day to spend the whole day with my boyfriend, having time to enjoy one another’s company until valentines day. I know it doesn’t seem long and because we live together we do see each other every day but theres something about spending the full day together and really appreciating one another’s time that I find really special. I was worried that we didn’t have any thing to do and I was worried that we were going to waste away the day. I shouldn’t have been worried because anything I do, as long as I’ve got my best friend by my side, I always enjoy it.

When I woke up, my boyfriend had already woke up earlier and was laying next to me on his iPad. When I suggested we get up and do breakfast he did not agree and instead he carried on watching whatever it was he was watching and it gave me chance to set out my to do list for the day, write out a list of disney classics so I could tick off every one I watch this year, do a little bit of course work, send an email and browse instagram. As much as I loved doing most of that I was hungry so it was time for breakfast no matter what he was watching! We went downstairs and prepared our croissants and spent some time watching Sunday brunch and doing a bit more instagram browsing. Russell Brand, one of my favourite comedians, was on Sunday brunch so I enjoyed watching him whilst I ate my breakfast and scrolled my instagram. Whilst looking I saw that a nearby shop was selling harry potter themed wooden crates. I suggested to my boyfriend that my birthday was coming up and perhaps he might like to get me one to put my presents in so we got ready and headed into town. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to check and funnily enough this little, family run shop was not open because it was Sunday. We decided that was fine we would just nip into Sainsbury’s and pick up some car shampoo so we could wash the car. Unfortunately we couldn’t find that either so we just gave up (in the most positive way we could) and headed home.

Once we were home we did some cleaning, put the bins out, made the bed, hoovered, wiped the sides down and put everything away. Not in that order. We needed to take the dog out for a walk but after much debate, my boyfriends mum decided she would walk the dog because she needed to go to Tesco anyway. We stayed at home and we made lunch, we gave croque monsieurs another go and they were a lovely french addition to another Disney film! We decided to watch the fox and the hound whilst we ate lunch followed by some very large slices of new york cheese cake. After lunch we had one of those moments where we both had things to do but we wanted to spend time together. We decided that we might as well get done what we needed to because at least we were together and we could chat whilst we worked.

This gave me chance to write my post about my 2017 bucket list, do some more coursework, organise the desk drawers, write various lists and do even more coursework, all whilst my boyfriend sat on our bed playing the Tsum Tsum game that he is slightly worryingly obsessed with.


We cooked dinner together, recycling the left overs from last nights slightly dry burgers into yummy bean balls with tomato spaghetti. It was lovely with some parmesan and fresh spring onions sprinkled over the top. We sat down to eat dinner while we watched the Goofy movie, we finished off last nights macarons – lovely! My least favourite job of the day always comes in the evening where we have to do all the washing up. It’s not too bad when you’ve got someone to dry for you and you can have a chat whilst you’re doing it but it’s pretty boring none the less.

I needn’t have worried about wasting the day because even though we didn’t do anything particularly exciting, we got a lot done and it was nice spending the day knowing my best friend was there with me, I just wish he didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow..

The final jobs on my list are to take my make up off and wash my face, write this blog post and hop into bed ready for the last day of my long weekend. Goodnight.


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