February 6th 2017

So this is it, my last day off work before I’m back in at the deep end. Well, sort of, I have next Tuesday off so it’s not too bad. I want to spend my last day being super productive so I started off the day taking my boyfriend to work and then I headed straight to Lidl to do our weekly food shopping. I quite like doing the food shopping, since we’ve given up buying meat in our weekly shop I always feel super healthy when I look in my trolley full of coloured fruits and vegetables and various beans.

When I got home from food shopping, it was time to sit myself down with a cup of tea and a plate of toast. I looked over the to do list that I prepared last night and ticked off what I had already done and added a few extra bits.

Finish unit 3, meal plan for the week, food shopping, write blog post, washing, watch a disney film, start unit 4, ironing, face mask, take my boyfriend to work, cook dinner, wash hair, wash face, make the bed, take mugs and glasses down, pick up washing. 

Once I had finished my tea and toast I dived straight in. Girl power playlist on (I work best to the uplifting tones of dolly Parton and The cheetah girls) and I was powering through. Highlighting, typing and ticking off sections like a mad woman. Just in time for lunch I had managed to finish my unit and once it was uploaded I got to enjoy a well deserved lunch break.

I toasted a cheese roll which I filled with butter and cheese, grabbed the cinnamon bun that I bought from Lidl and settled on the sofa to watch the mitchalaks latest vlog and a recent Russell Brand trews. I enjoyed my break and then it was back at it. I mapped out my next unit and got started on the bits I could do, unfortunately I lot of it I couldn’t do because I need to get bits from work or ask people to write witness statements. None the less it was productive and I got a fair bit done before taking another break.

This time it was time to lay on my bed and flip through the copy of Cosmopolitan that I picked up during my food shop. Reading the magazine and seeing all the beautiful toned bodies inspired me so I decided to do a quick 15 minute work out. Click here to see the video I used, if you’re interested.  After my work out I felt well exercised and pretty sweaty. I jumped in the shower and washed my hair, that’s another tick on the list, and I did all the moisturising and hair brushing that I would always do if I was any good at girl stuff.


Since I’m back to work tomorrow, I know I won’t have time in the morning to write a to do list so I got a head start and I wrote it out in preparation. By the time all that was done it was time to start dinner before my boyfriend got home from work. I got started peeling and slicing potatoes and infusing double cream with garlic and rosemary. I cooked a super yummy sweet potato and spinach bake and it was so good.

I didn’t manage to tick off everything on my to do list today, I still have washing to do – theres always tomorrow, I didn’t get around to watching my disney movie but I did more productive things instead so I’m sure thats a hidden win. I didn’t do the ironing but when I went downstairs to get started on the faceless chore of pairing socks and ironing bedsheets, my boyfriends mum had actually already done it for me because unlike me, she actually enjoys it! I didn’t do my face mask but I have every intention to get right on that after I’ve finished typing this, along with washing my face and settling down to listen to some more of my new audio book. I’m currently listening to Russell Brand’s Revolution on audible. I’m big into reading, I love reading and it is my absolute favourite pass time that if I could do all the time, I 100% would. Having said this, even though I find books about self development so interesting and worthwhile, I really struggle to read them because I just can’t loose myself in the story like I can with a fiction book. Because of this I’ve decided to restart my audible account so I can listen to these books, audible books are particularly good for when I’m driving, I love listening to something other than music in the car as it makes me feel like the drive was worthwhile as I have bettered myself in some way.

All in all a pretty successful day off, good night. 





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