February 7th 2017

Back to work day! I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the first half of my day. I woke up and did all the usual morning jumbo before dropping my boyfriend at the station and heading to work. I had a lovely morning playing with dinosaurs, musical instruments and my favourite princess phone which sings and lights up. It was a wild morning. I headed on to my lunch break feeling positive about the day and I had actually enjoyed being back at work.

Unfortunately the afternoon, consisting of singing the same song about 30 times over, more dinosaurs, the same books repeatedly and lots and lots of sensory fabrics dancing around to frozen, wore me down. To the point that I practically ran out of that door come 6pm. Despite being very stressed and fed up in the moment, it actually wasn’t too bad and I am glad to be back! You definitely miss all of the little babies when you’re off, even if I was greeted at 8:30 with a child putting their hand inside their poo filled nappy – all in a days work, right?

I picked my boyfriend up from the station and we came home to get started on dinner, black bean quesadillas which were super easy and really lovely. I sat down at my desk and looked over my to do list which I had prepared last night. Cook dinner, done. Listen to audio book, done. Stick to no spend, not quite. Make bed, done. Post birthday cards, done. Take 2 year old check back to work, done. Coursework, done. All I had left to do was write this blog post, cleanse my face, meditate and research gyms in my area. I’ve decided to rejoin the gym as I loved going to the gym and now I can drive and don’t have to get a bus into town to go to the gym, I think it’ll be fun to go back and I always feel so good about myself after an early morning spin class. The coursework is waiting as I am currently procrastinating by writing this and loudly singing glee songs to my boyfriend. I’ve looked up gyms and whilst I wish there was a pure gym nearer to me, there isn’t so I’m going to have to settle for a different gym. I have found a couple so hopefully I can sign up and get working out pretty soon. I plan to meditate last thing in the evening so that I can cleanse my mind and hopefully get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like that but I can but try.





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