February 8th 2017

Today was a big old mix of ups and downs. I woke up feeling tired and grumpy and I managed to bite my boyfriends head off over every single move he made, I didn’t know someone brushing their teeth could get me so angry. By the time I got to work I was feeling a bit more positive and had a lovely morning. Unfortunately by the afternoon (this seems to be a pattern!) I was feeling pretty fed up and tired and I was very ready to get home! Luckily I had lots of jobs to be getting on with while I was at work today and I also had to carry out an activity for my course work. Activities like this always stress me out a little bit because unlike a normal activity these ones have to be recorded and I have to take notes and write it up and I worry that if something doesn’t go according to plan it will be a big palaver but I don’t know why I ever worry because it’s always fine. Even when things don’t go quite according to plan it doesn’t matter because thats a part of life and a big part of my job.

After I got home things only went downhill when I saw something on Facebook from a family member which hit a raw nerve and made me question my entire relationship with said family member. I’m still unsure just how much I want to say on here because even though I haven’t told anyone about this blog so I can technically speak openly, I don’t want it coming back around and biting me in the ass. Who knows I might make good with said family member and then I’ll regret publicly slating them!

I had quite a bit of coursework to be getting on with, including writing up today’s activity which is never a short task, so my lovely boyfriend offered to do dinner for me and did all the washing up. That boy is a star! I managed to get a fair bit of coursework done however I didn’t get around to all of the jobs on my list; I didn’t get to work out, apart from a lack of time, I don’t think miserable and angry is the best work out mood. I also didn’t get around to washing my hair, oops, I’m sure I can make it one more day and I didn’t do the coursework I had planned to do but that is okay with me as I did two other bits instead.

I feel a lot calmer having written this out, even without giving details! I am definitely glad to have stayed up the extra 15 minutes to get my day onto paper, or laptop. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slightly more exciting read as it is Brownie day but equally you may be in for a slightly mundane ride up until the weekend which I am very excited for. Goodnight!



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