February 10th 2017

I think todays quote is always an important one to remember. For me I find it useful to always remember it at work. Mainly for dealing with the staff because at the end of the day we only get so stressed with each other because we all care, can you really fault someone for caring? I also sometimes have to remind myself with the children because I’ll be honest, sometimes when you’re tired, you’ve been at work surrounded by screaming babies for nearly 10 hours, you get kicked in the face, spat at or hit for the billionth time that day you may get the urge to lose your shit and get angry with the child. Unfortunately in my job you cannot do that so whenever I feel like I’m at wits end with a child I remind myself that they don’t know any different. My job is to teach them and to help them, is shouting going to be any help? No it’s not, so maybe it would be a better help to take a moment, and just be kind. If they’re angry and upset, there is as much chance that they have a reason for it as I do. Sometimes you just have to take a moment to do something that they enjoy and give the child some time, chances are shouting will only escalate the situation for you both. Who knows, sometimes it’s pretty calming for you both to just give them a hug, read a story or sing their favourite song.

Today was a pretty typical work day, I enjoyed the day but it was stressful and I had to remind myself that it’s only because I was in the moment that it was affecting me. Looking back, even in this short a time, I don’t even know why some of the things that affected me were so stressful. Some times in a job like mine you might see some pretty upsetting things. Whilst it might affect you, you have to remember that you’ve got a lot of kids who rely on you. You can’t let it affect you, for every single child in the place you have to remain positive and happy. All you can do is think about what is best for each individual child and do everything you can to make sure that each and every child who you look after achieves their very best. That’s all a person wants in their lives for their children and I do believe that nursery nurses are like a second family to many children, I mean I spend more time with most of the children at my nursery than I do with my family and than they do with theirs. Whenever a child leaves it’s like losing a friend and whenever a child is sad or hurt, I feel sad and hurt with them. You build attachments to the children who you care for each and every day and they bond back with you. I recently read a blog post, it’s been going around, about a woman who believed that her daughters nursery workers were like her second mum, if you ask any of the girls that I work with, we will 100% agree. We invest so much of our lives into bringing up other peoples children that even when we’re not at work, we’re still working, thinking of ideas, thinking about how to help each of our key children meet those next steps, to develop as an individual and succeed to their fullest.

On that slightly heartfelt tangent, whilst I may not have enjoyed every moment of today, I respect the day I had because I actually learnt from it. Learning is a key part of life and if you’re open to it, you can learn so much. I headed home from work today feeling ready for a break and unfortunately, I had to sit in so much traffic that it took me four times longer to get home than usual. When I finally did get home my boyfriend had already got dinner ready – black bean, avocado and Mexican rice burritos and sweet potato fries. We spent the evening eating mini eggs and watching fantastic beasts and where to find them and then we headed upstairs to bed and watched a few episodes of Brooklyn nine nine, my favourite!   We were just about to settle down and go to sleep when I remembered that in all the fuss of getting home I completely forgot to write my post for today.

As I sign off from today I want to leave you with a quote that my secondary school form tutor taught me, something that has resonated with me since the first day he said it and something which I honestly hope I can always remember, especially in those moments where you might not want to. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato


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