7 ways to say I love you

I know a lot of people aren’t a big fan of valentines day. I know that a lot of people view it as way of shops making money because I know that we’re all meant to show people just how much we love them every day of the year. Having said that, I love valentines day. It might be just another day but I think its so lovely to have a day dedicated to love and when you’re in a relationship I think it’s the perfect time to do those little things that you might not always get the chance to do and really show your partner that you love them. Because my boyfriends birthday is also in February we don’t celebrate valentines day in a big way but we do both like to do something small to say I love you. I thought I would make this post of seven ways you can tell your partner you love them and things me and my boyfriend have done for one another. None of them are expensive and I think if you did any of these things for your loved one, they would be so happy about it!


The first thing that I love to do for my boyfriend on valentines day and quite possibly the easiest of all of these things is to write a love letter. It’s classic and simple and virtually free to do but you can make it so special and really let them know just why you love them. I like to always write a love letter inside any cards that I buy for my boyfriend but on Valentines day I like to put that bit more effort in and really take the opportunity to tell him I love him and to say thank you for everything he does for me.


The most amazing thing a man has ever done for me (excluding buying me a car and taking me on holidays!) was mine and my boyfriends first valentines day together. He was living in a shared uni house and I was still at school and living at my mums, neither of us had any money  so we couldn’t afford to go out or do anything fancy so he asked me to go upstairs and put on a nice dress and said he would let me know when he was ready for me to come downstairs. I had no idea what he was planning and I thought maybe he was going to surprise me and take me out for dinner. Instead, when I came down he had put on a suit, he gave me a red rose and showed me what he had been doing. He cooked me my favourite dinner and we had the most romantic meal that I have ever had. I think that may well have been the day I knew he was the one! It definitely wasn’t last year where he bought me the cheapest card in the shop (in front of me) and a packet of mini eggs. I’m sure there was some thought in there somewhere!


Chances are, with all the stresses in life that we all have to deal with, your partner would really appreciate some pamper time. If I came home from a busy day at work to find that my boyfriend had run me a nice hot bath with some fairy lights or candles I think I would love him even more than I already do. Sometimes the smallest things mean the most!


Something that I love to do is get photos printed. I love having photos around the house. I love to buy a beautiful frame and put in a photo of the two of us. It’s such an easy gift and depending on the frame you buy, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. I bought my boyfriend this frame for Christmas (mostly because I wanted it myself and I needed a reason to buy it!)


I am a big lover of crafting and handmade gifts, I tend to avoid anything hand made on the whole because I know it’s not always the best gift! For valentines day I think handmade gifts are perfect because they show just how much you love that person and how much effort you a willing to put in. This year I’ve made my boyfriend a ’52 reasons why’ book. This is basically a pack of playing cards and on each card I have written a reason why I love him and decorated it with stickers and doodles. I think it’s such a cute idea and I have to say, if anyone ever did that for me I would fall head over heels in love!


This is something that my boyfriend did for me on my birthday but I think it would be such a sweet thing to do especially for valentines day. I woke up to find a little trail of gifts on the landing which lead me downstairs to my main birthday present. They don’t have to be anything expensive or big they can just be little tokens of your relationship and how much you love that person. You don’t even have to lead them to anything, or you could lead them to the kitchen where you have cooked them their favourite breakfast.


This final one may well be my favourite, I’m pretty sure I say this about everything! For christmas, my boyfriend bought me a beautiful copy of Alice in Wonderland, one of my all time favourite books. I’m a big book fan so I would love for someone to buy me a book and maybe to write a message inside but if your partner isn’t a book fan, maybe avoid this one and go for their favourite movie or something else!

I know valentines day is right around the corner but none of these ideas take too much preparation so hopefully you’ll be able to find some inspiration to show your partner how you feel. Lots of love!


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