February 11th 2017

What’s this? I finally missed out writing a blog post on the day that it happened! Yes, that is true, I was staying at a friends house last night and since none of my friends know about this blog I thought it would be pretty weird to take my laptop and just ignore everyone for a bit. No worries though, because here it is!

Saturday was a pretty exciting day, and not just because it was the weekend – well needed after such a stressful week! I woke up early to drop my boyfriend to the station, I wanted to see him before he went to work because I was going to be away for the weekend as I mentioned. Once I had dropped him off I came home and tried to get all my to do’s ticked off before I had to go out. I did last nights washing up, put some washing in the machine, washed my hair, packed my bag, made the bed, had a tidy up, put the glasses from the bedside table in the wash and uploaded some work.

Once everything was all done, it was time to head out, I grabbed my bags and my blanket and I headed to meet my friend. We went and got some food, drinks and cash and then we headed to the tattoo shop ready for the exciting part of the day where we got our tattoos! I let her go first and I decided to go second, mostly because I still hadn’t decided where I wanted mine so I needed some time to decide! After watching her suffer first, I decided to put it on my arm in the place where I was going to put it at first! They sized it up, put the stencil on and then it was all go. As someone who has now got quite a few tattoos, I can honestly say that I honestly hate getting tattooed. It’s so painful and it’s not a nice feeling at all. Fortunately, the results are 100% worth it! I went to a tattoo shop in Romford and because it was such a tiny tattoo and it was really quick to do it was quite cheap and I only had to pay the stores minimum which was £40. I’ll be writing a post about all of my tattoos so if you’re interested in tattoos check that out to see all of my tattoos, their meanings, how much they cost and everything you could want to know about them!


After the tattoo it was time to do some food shopping to get ingredients for a cake, lunch and some food for breakfast the next day. Once we were done we headed back to her house and made some cakes. They were super cute and I am actually so surprised about how well they turned out! We had lots of fun making, decorating and eating the cakes! We made some pasta for lunch and then we headed to meet another friend. We headed back to her house where we watched some movies, ate some more cake and had some drinks. We ordered take out – why does kebab always sound like a good idea until you’re eating the polystyrene box of shit! We carried on drinking for a bit and watched some more films. Some how, it was suddenly early hours of the morning and we all just crashed out.

All in all it was a pretty good day and I am so happy with my new tattoo! I can’t wait to get through the healing process already, I think except for actually getting it done, that’s the worst part!



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