February 12th 2017

I woke up today feeling super tired and a little bit hungover. I’m sure I didn’t drink that much, but since I can’t remember how much I drank, maybe I did. Me and the girls did what I always do when I wake up and we spent some time looking through our phones and just chatting. Once we decided to actually get up we made a fry up.


It was actually quite fun cooking breakfast together, I’m sure I hit some kind of eggy jackpot by getting two yolks in my eggs. Unfortunately one of them seemed to be cooked perfectly and was nice and runny but the other one was way over done and it was hard and gross. While we ate breakfast we watched Sleeping beauty (another one of my disney classics list!) and chatted. One of my friends was feeling super tired and hungover so she went back to sleep for a bit while we cleared up and watched Alice in wonderland (number 13 – tick!) My friend had to head home to look after her little brothers so we said goodbye to her and then we just chilled for a bit longer. I got my stuff together, cleaned my tattoo and then I decided to head off. On my way home I figured I ought to stop by Tesco to pick up some food if we want to eat for the week! Once I got home I unpacked the shopping and my bag from the weekend and I checked over my to do list. I updated yesterdays list – I didn’t get chance to write yesterdays blog post as I was out so I got that written up, luckily everything else I had done before I left. I wrote out my to do list for today, caught up on some youtube and got started on another blog post.

While I absolutely love writing every day and I think they may well be the best parts of my day when I sit down look over any photos I have taken from the day and write up my day. It’s so nice to actively think about your day and remember all of the little things that you either appreciated or that bugged you. It’s those little things that you forget so quickly and I can’t wait till I’ve been doing this a bit longer and it’ll give me chance to look back and see all of those things I got up to!

I decided that whilst this is a pretty easy going basic blog, I wanted to work on doing a few things to make it look a bit better, I downloaded a blog planner and I use my bullet journal to make sure I am making notes of ideas, streamlining, planning and recording everything. I have also found a new website to help make my images look that bit better and I am going to make more of an effort to take photos. I am also going to try and do a mix of posts, my aim is to do my daily posts, every day of course. I am also going to try and do two other posts a week. These will probably be on a Wednesday and Sunday, but I don’t know if I am going to be strict with these like I am my daily’s.

I hope this is something that people will enjoy and I think it will be fun to do. I have got a few ideas, however any ideas or suggestions about posts I could write, ways to make my blog look better or general advice would be massively appreciated so if you have something to say, don’t stay lurking in the shadows!

After a spent a good chunk of time focusing on my blog I decided to get dinner cooked ready for when my boyfriend came home, I made a vegetarian lasagne with spinach and roasted peppers. It was lovely and I’m excited for lunch time tomorrow when I get to eat it again! I tend to make extra dinner for my lunch the next day because first it’s easier to cook for four than two (I come from a family of 7, I cannot comprehend such small portion sizes) and second, I much prefer to eat a left over dinner for lunch than sandwiches.

Now I am writing this post, snuggled up in my dressing gown with a cup of tea and some chocolates to my right and my boyfriend to my left. It’s the perfect way to end a lovely weekend. Good night.



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