My tattoos

I’m thinking that alongside my daily posts, which I really love doing, I would like to do a different post each week, be it travel tips, highlights of my favourite cities or this, a run down of my tattoos. Since I was little and I used to sit with my brother watching episode after episode of Miami ink and then LA ink, I’ve always known that I want tattoos. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the way tattoo’s look on people and I’ve had a mental bank of everything I wanted to get tattooed. It was pretty much a given that when my 18th birthday was approaching I would indeed be getting booked in for my first tattoo.

Since my first tattoo I have had a fair few more and in fact my most recent tattoo was yesterday (I wrote about the experience here.) I now have seven in total and I love them all. They are all little tattoos because I am a big believer that as much as I do love my tattoo’s, there may be times where I want to cover them up and not be seen so I have them all in places which, if I want to, I can easily cover up. Except for the one I got yesterday none of them get seen on a daily basis.

Almost Angels Tattoo studio (Ely) £80

My first tattoo I got just after I turned 18 and is one of my only tattoos that actually has any meaning. It’s also my only colour tattoo as I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of coloured tattoos. Two of my brothers came with me to get this one and I genuinely nearly passed out pretty much as soon as she started tattooing me, the shop gave me chocolate because I was so faint that I couldn’t hold myself up. Oops. This tattoo represents the kidney disease that I have lived with since I was 9 years old, hence the green ribbon and it also represents the people who I have lost in my life – the birds. I love this design and I think it looks beautiful on my shoulder. Not many people see this one because I don’t tend to have it out too much. Pain wise, this was pretty bad and it was my longest tattoo as well because of all the detail on the feather.

Almost Angels Tattoo studio (Ely) £60

My second tattoo I got at the same place a couple of months after my first one. I got this quote from Alice in wonderland. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and no, not just because it has my name in it. I thought this quote was most appropriate as I have to say, my family are pretty bonkers. No one ever sees this tattoo unless I show them because it’s on my ribs and I don’t tend to walk around with my rib out for everyone to see! My best friend came with me to get this one because I mentioned it to her that I was going alone when we met for lunch a few days before and she asked if she could come along because she thought it would be pretty fun to watch me cry – luckily I didn’t or she would have been so smug! This one didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I had expected, of course it did still hurt thought because despite what anyone says – ITS A TATTOO. IT WILL HURT.

Village Bike show. £30

My third tattoo I got done at a bike show with two of my brothers. We had discussed getting matching tattoos for a while and when we went to the Harry potter studio tour for a family day trip we all decided that this would be the one. It is sirius black’s Azkaban prison number. We all love harry potter so it seemed a given and because we all got it together it sort of has a meaning, right? No but it’s a sick tattoo and it’s cool to have the same tattoo as two of your big brothers. If I’m honest I do regret getting it done in the loft of a pub at a bike show because it scarred pretty bad. I don’t know why it scarred though because both of my brothers tattoo’s healed fine and my mum had one done there as well and hers was fine so I don’t know what happened to mine! This one didn’t hurt too bad on my thigh but it was a pretty hot day so laying on the cling filmed bed was pretty sticky and gross.

Zombies Tattoo Studio (Romford) £40

This tattoo was probably another one I perhaps shouldn’t have got but in the moment I wanted it and I still love the tattoo so it’s not like I regret getting it, I just regret the way in which I got it. My friend text a group chat I was in suggesting we all go out for drinks but no one else wanted to go so it was just the two of us. I suggested that perhaps instead of getting drinks we get tattoos and that was all that needed to be said. We rang around a bunch of shops in Romford and this was the only one that had space at 6pm on Saturday night. We went in and he didn’t have time to do the tattoo I was going to get, probably a good thing because I’m not sure I wanted to get a dot work memorial piece under the circumstances. So I settled on this, I had seen it on pinterest and I loved it. I’ve always been a disney fan so getting disney tattoos seems like reason enough. I am happy with the tattoo but it did scar a little bit which made me think perhaps the issue is my leg. This one did hurt a quite a bit, I think because he did the outline and then went back and filled it all in it was a lot of going over the same bit. It felt like it would never end!

Sleep well tattoo parlour (Romford) £50
Sleep well tattoo Parlour (Romford) £50

These two tattoos I got at the same time. My friend, who I got the little mermaid with, and I decided since it was pay day we wanted to get new tattoos and I had been considering these two for a little while. I saw them both on pinterest, when I saw the Alice, I instantly knew that I wanted to put her next to my quote because it was very fitting and I felt like I needed something else to add to the tattoo. I’m really happy with this and the way it has healed. It was pretty painful because it goes round my ribs towards my back and I had to lay kind of awkwardly. My boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of tattoo’s and the Alice one is the only one he has actually told me he really likes that I’ve got! The tea pot I decided to get to represent my dad’s nana. She collected teapots and must have had hundreds in her many display cabinets and I always used to drink little cups of tea out of a tea cup and saucer whenever I went to her house. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her but she was the only grandmother figure I actually got to meet as both my mum and dad’s mothers had passed away before I was born. It seemed fitting to get Mrs Potts as, I may have mentioned once or twice, I’m a huge disney fan. In the summer when I had my leggings rolled up above my ankle the children at work loved looking at this one! This one didn’t hurt too badly in general but the bottom part of the tattoo that hit my ankle bone was a killer.

Urban Ink (Romford) £40

My most recent tattoo, I got done at a tiny little shop in Romford which is a part of a chain of shops around Essex. When I went in to book it, they said that I probably couldn’t have it on my arm because it wouldn’t fit so I had to think about where else to get it. I suggested my ribs, my leg or somewhere else on my arm, but I had no idea where to get it right up until the point where they wanted to size it up and she said show me where you want it. I decided that I might as well get it where I wanted it in the first place so I got it above the crease of my elbow. It cost £40 because even though it was tiny and super quick, £40 was the stores minimum, as it is for many places. They had to put the stencil on a few times because my arm was a bit wonky and they couldn’t get it straight! Eventually I was happy with it and he got started. It was so painful especially at the start of it where it’s right near the inside of my elbow. This one is to represent my mum as the numbers are her birthday. I was going to get a mummy and baby elephant but I decided that this was a more subtle representation of her and I thought this would look really nice on my arm because I wanted her tattoo to be one that I could always see and was quite a visible one.

I have no doubt that I will be getting a few more tattoo’s over the coming year, I have a few in mind already!



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