February 14th 2017

Happy valentines day!

I woke up early-ish this morning, for some reason whenever my boyfriend is home and we don’t have to set an alarm we wake up at like 8 at the latest! After we woke up we

valentines-day-cardexchanged valentines cards and I gave him his present. I say we exchanged cards, I gave him his card which I had filled with loving words and he gave me the cutest card, which he forgot to write in!

He made croissants for breakfast and we watched Ellen and then it was time to get ready for the day. I love days where I have time to shower, dry my hair and do my make up and take my time doing it all! Usually I have to completely rush the shower, I have to avoid getting my hair wet because theres no time to dry it properly and make up is a complete no go on work days! This morning I had chance to do all three and really take my time and enjoy it! I love wearing make up but putting it on and taking it off tend to ruin it for me.

Once we were ready it was time to get in the car and head to our destination. Unfortunatelyvalentines-day-selfie before we could go we had to stop by the post office and pick up a few parcels. Luckily when he nipped into the post office it gave me chance to take a quick selfie. Got to savour the day I wear make up – it doesn’t happen too often! Much to my boyfriends disappointment, upon handing me the parcel I managed to work out that it was from forbidden planet (it said on the label) and I correctly guessed that it was the Sirius Black, Harry Potter pop vinyl that I mentioned that I wanted the other day.

My boyfriend did all the driving because I’m not the biggest fan of driving plus he isn’t the biggest fan of my driving! I find a drive quite nice when I’m not the one doing it, it gives you chance to just relax and take in your surroundings.


I decided to take my big DSLR camera with me today because I usually just take my iPhone out and about but I wanted to get some decent photos for the blog! I’ve never been to Leigh on sea before so I had lots of fun taking some lovely photos of all the little streets and houses. I’m not the best photographer because despite having a nice big camera, I never leigh-on-seaactually learnt to use it. Unlike me, my boyfriend learnt photography at college so today he helped me and showed me how to take a decent photo. I don’t know if I actually learnt anything but hopefully it’ll help me to take a slightly better photo in the future!

We took a lovely walk around the high street and then headed down to the beach. I wanted to get a few photos of my outfit but unfortunately I got a bit scared whenever I saw people and didn’t want to be super awkward so I didn’t get any great photos!

After walking about and exploring the town, I got hungry – read grumpyWe decided that before I ruined the day it would be best to stop at one of the many little cafés and get some food. We were going to stop at a café called Stop the World which was recommended by my boyfriends mum however when we walked in it was super busy and it was so hot in there that I got stressed and had to walk straight back out! We decided to go to the little milkshake shop next door, turned out that was the best choice we could have made, the place was so photogenic I loved it! We shared a pot of tea for two, I had waffles with bacon and maple syrup and Tom had a bacon and brie toasted sandwich. It was so yummy and everything looked amazing!


After lunch we did a bit more exploring and shopping. We went to a few shops, we stopped in a craft store where I picked up some folders and some papers for blog photos and then we went to the most amazing gift store where I could have so happily bought everything I saw but since I have no money, I settled for just a little ring dish with copper-y, rose gold-y, spots!

My outfit from today consisted of ripped jeans from Zara, heeled boots from Asos, an oversized jumper from pull and bear and a blanket scarf from miss Selfridges.

Once we had walked and eaten more than enough, we decided to head home. We stopped in Hornchurch on the way home to pick up a few bits from Sainsbury’s and we went to Best Sellers, the most amazing shop that sells everything from beds to gift bags! We bought a wooden Harry Potter inspired crate which I have asked my boyfriend to put all my birthday presents in.

Once we got home I did some sorting out of my craft stuff and I set up an Instagram account for this blog, feel free to check it out and I’d love it if you could give me a follow! @aliceisanonymous

My plans for the rest of the evening are literally to jump into my PJ’s, pig out on carrot cake and watch TV. My perfect evening with my man. What did you guys do for valentines day? 




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