February 15th 2017

I feel like all I have been doing this month is going back to work after yet more time off! Today was a good day, I managed to get through the day with no dramas. Did some lovely activities with the children and I got some time to get some paperwork done which is always handy!

After work today we had a meeting, which I kept forgetting about so it’s a good job I’m working the late shift or I am pretty sure I would have ended up going home! My boyfriend went to the pub with some friends after work so I went to pick him up from the station only to find out he hadn’t actually left the pub yet and I had to wait half an hour for him. It’s a good job I love the boy or I would have got really angry. I may have got a little bit angry but it’s all good. We drove home and he cooked pesto pasta and garlic bread for dinner. I came upstairs to get started on writing this blog post, all ready to crash out when I realised I ought to do some bits and pieces for my brownie pack holiday. I mean it’s not enough to work full time, do brownies, do my level 3 in childcare, drive home every other weekend and attempt to maintain some kind of relationship and social life that I decided I might as well just take on something else and do my pack holiday license. Overworked? What does that mean!

I managed to write a letter to the parents, sort consent forms and email the venue. Everything is looking all good, just needs printing and distributing!

Now it’s time to write this post and I am 100% ready to crash. Probably the reason for such a short post today, that or the fact a Wednesday at work, followed by a meeting isn’t the most exciting! If only every day could be a valentines date day! Goodnight. 



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