February 16th 2017

To do list:

  1. Print letters for pack holiday
  2. Blog post
  3. Washing
  4. Hang out washing
  5. Wrap birthday present
  6. Charge camera
  7. Pack bag
  8. Buy Pasta
  9. Check sim cards
  10. Fill out consent forms for pack holiday

I woke up earlier than I needed to again which gave me time to relax and take my time this morning. My favourite thing about a late shift is that I always seem to wake up before my alarm which gives me time to have a nice chilled out morning. I managed to check my emails, send some emails, check my social media and write out my to do list. I got ready for work and put some washing on and then I headed to work. Work was okay today generally but I think I was just feeling a bit tired and under the weather so I was having a bit of an off day!

As I left work, my manager remembered that I hadn’t been in on valentines day and she had bought all of the work girls a red rose and a packet of love hearts so I managed to come home feeling a little bit appreciated which is always a lovely feeling. I rang my boyfriend to ask him to start dinner when I remembered that I hadn’t got any pasta left so I had to nip to tesco on my way home which, despite just popping in for pasta, turned out being pasta, crisps, chocolate bars and cheese and onion rolls.

Once I got home we did dinner, for some reason I wasn’t thrilled about a second day of pasta and garlic bread! After dinner it was my standard evening routine of washing up, coming upstairs looking over my to do list, getting a few tasks ticked off and then writing up this post ready to go to bed!

I cannot believe how routine my work days are! I haven’t managed to do everything on my list, I haven’t done the printing but since I don’t need it until Thursday that one can wait. I also still have to pack my bag but I might leave that one for tomorrow morning – although knowing my luck that will be the one day this week that I don’t end up waking up early!

My plans for the evening; get into bed and watch Netflix, sound familiar? Oh yeah, it’s exactly what I do every day! Goodnight.




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