February 17th 2017

Today, like everyday, started with a rude alarm which awoke me from my pretty awesome dream where I just so happened to be a secret agent who was working with my four other secret agent friends and we had to trap the owner of a club franchise. Our approach was to be girls out for a good time, I was ordering drinks when my target came up, some how managed to produce a bouquet of roses and told the bar staff that my drinks were on him. Pretty cool, we started chatting and it was just about to get to the good bit (me and my girls were all in place to take him down, nod’s were made, signals given) and then I was laying in bed next to my boyfriend, busting for a wee and in no way ready for the day!

Since I had some time before I had to go to work I managed to get my bags packed and ready to go to my mums house after work. I’ve got my big camera with me so hopefully I can get some nice shots as I’ve got a couple of events planned while I’m here. On my way to work I stopped off for petrol and I ran into a slight hurdle. Since I have introduced myself to the wonder of contactless technology I don’t have to insert my card in the machine very often hence not really needed to know my pin number. Since the limit for contactless is £30 and my petrol had gone over that I had to insert my card which left me with a good minute or so of complete mind blank where I could not focus on what my pin was. Luckily I managed to work it out in the end or I don’t know what I would have done!

Next up in my day it was time for work which went super smoothly, albeit I may have been a little grumpy (I don’t know what gave that impression..) I had a pretty good day and I offered to stay a little bit later than the rest of the girls because they had a surprise meal for one of the work girls birthdays to get to so I finished up with the end of day stuff and then my manager still let me leave a little bit early. I headed home to pick up my bags and my boyfriend and we headed to my mums house. Since my boyfriend doesn’t really like my driving he offered to drive so that I didn’t have to, which meant a little bit of chill time for me.

We decided to get sausage and chips for dinner from the chip shop which is always yummy although the curry sauce was so spicy I thought my head might blow off! We started watching a film called non-stop which, although I didn’t want to watch it, I was completely hooked on and despite being super tired I could not go to bed until I knew what was going on. I don’t know how to describe it without giving away any spoilers but I definitely recommend it and it’s definitely not my usual type of film!

Now I am completely zonked and I can barely keep my eyes open to write this! Good night.



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