February 18th 2017

I woke up today and started getting ready, I decided to curl my hair for a change because I don’t often do it but I love the way curly hair looks. I’m not very good at doing my own hair so I tend to just opt for drying it. I did surprisingly well, but as usual the curls didn’t hold for long. I was mid curling when my god daughter arrived for some cuddles and a little bit of babysitting. I managed to finish curling it and get my make up done while my brother played with her.

Once the baby left we got ready and went for a belated birthday meal with my granddad. Despite really trying to be vegetarian, the only vegetarian option was aubergine and since that’s my least favourite vegetable, I opted for the king prawn salad instead which tasted great.


I enjoyed the meal and since I’ve got a pretty big family we don’t all get chance to catch up too often so that was nice. After, we came home and I decided to get my big camera out when my god daughter came back round to have her birthday presents. I’m not the best photographer (I’m still trying to learn) so my boyfriend was taking some photos while we played together. Excuse the messy house, and just to point out, I haven’t blurred her face because I think she’s some kind of sought after child, however I don’t want to go putting her pictures out there as I know her family might not want them shared online!


Once we had finished giving out gifts, we decided to head out for a bit and stopped at a railway to take some pictures. My boyfriend took some lovely pictures of the scenery, some of me (I have a pretty ugly laughing face – hence the hand over my face) and some completely un-rehearsed and un-discussed photos of me, my brother, his fiancée and my sister where we all saw my boyfriend turn around and instantly struck a pose!

I’m wearing a chequered shirt dress from forever 21, black knitted tights (from who knows where!) and black heeled boots from Asos. My bag is also from forever 21.


We headed home and decided to go to the local pub for some pizzas and drinks. This was a good idea until my sister casually mentioned she had a stomach ache. Within seconds of dropping this casual hint, she stands up and hesitates as to whether she can make it to the bathroom or not, clearly decides not and chunders right in the middle of the restaurant area in the pub. Being polite and british, we decide that no way can we expect someone else to clear up her vomit so we send her outside (with my sister in law who is trying not to chunder herself) and my brother, mum and I end up on the floor clearing up more vomit than I knew could physically come from a 10 year old and wondering whether we will ever be allowed back in the pub. I’ll be honest I don’t think I’m going to risk it. 

We swiftly headed home and made a good few jokes about it, she won’t be forgetting that any time soon. Now, as I lay in bed writing this, I’m feeling a little rough. I’m praying that I had one too many drinks and that I’m not about to recreate her horrific events of this evening, albeit in the comfort and privacy of my own home! With that, I think it’s time for slow sips of water and a good night!



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