February 19th 2017

Despite being my least favourite way to start the day, today started with an alarm. My boyfriend and I woke up and got ready, I decided to curl my hair again because I love the way that looks. Once my hair and make up was done, my boyfriend and I headed to my dads house for a morning coffee and a catch up. We weren’t there too long before my brother and his fiancĂ©e arrived. We stayed a little bit longer and then we headed our separate ways; my brother and boyfriend headed into town to go dress shopping for me, my sister-in-law (to be) and I headed to her mums house to try on my bridesmaid dress with the shoes. We needed to check if it needed altering and luckily, it doesn’t! It’s the perfect length with the shoes on.


Once we had sorted the dress we picked up some lunch and headed home. My boyfriend and my brother came home (unsuccessful – someone didn’t quite understand the “Alice in wonderland style” dress brief!) and we all had lunch. It was very soon time to get changed and head out again for a first birthday party where my boyfriend helped me get to grips with a bit more of how to use my camera out of the auto mode!

Most of the afternoon was spent at the party before we decided that we had best head off home so that we could have some time to relax and finish the weekend before it was bed time! Unfortunately we didn’t think to check the traffic so it was a pretty long journey home but I never mind that so much when you have someone to talk to.


We got home and unpacked and since then I have literally been sat on my laptop, editing some photos, learning how to take better photos, looking for things to put in my photos (I want some props so I can actually have an Instagram theme!) and now writing this post. I’ve set out my to do list for tomorrow and now I think it’s time for bed! Goodnight.




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