February 23rd 2017

I got up late again today with yet another bowl of fruit, coconut and greek yoghurt, I’m really enjoying starting my day with it. I headed to work which for some reason was very stressful!

I think I’m ill and seem to be coming down with something and I’ve also noticed a rash has come up on my arms so fingers crossed its nothing because I do not want to be ill again! After work I headed to brownies and had a night of pancake flipping and promise learning. It was fun but I was so tired and feeling so rough that I just couldn’t wait to get home! It probably didn’t help that my friend was off work so she turned up at brownies looking fresh as a daisy!

Once I got home it’s been pretty chilled, my boyfriend cooked me dinner – unfortunately nothings exciting today, literally pasta and cheese. I had some cake, wrote out receipts and sorted pack holiday stuff out and now I’m typing this up! I never knew those little receipt books were so hard to use, it took me a good four attempts before I got it right!

I wish I had more to say today but literally there is nothing more to be said except for goodnight. 


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