Friday 24th February

Today I woke up and did exactly what I do every morning and then headed straight to work. Work was okay but I was glad to come home as we had decided to go out to celebrate my boyfriends birthday.

Once I got home from work and had a shower my boyfriend got dinner done – we had courgetti, pesto, tomatoes and garlic bread. It was okay but it was a little bit watery and weird so I’m not quite sure what went on! After dinner we got ready to go out and then we had to get the bus and three trains to Tom’s friends house. Once we got there we did pre-drinking which was fun and then once we were all ready it was time to go! We started out by getting an uber to the pub but we directed the uber to the wrong pub so we had to get out and walk to the right pub which was actually alright once we got there but it was pretty hipster! We had a few drinks at the pub and then met up with some other friends before heading to the club we wanted to go to.

We went into the club and unfortunately, it was completely empty. This would have been fine except half our group had gone to a different place. We decided to get some drinks and the boys had plenty of fun dancing together! We explored the club a little bit – it’s meant to have 7 levels but apparently only 2 are open on a Friday night! We finished our drinks, danced a bit and headed to a different pub where everyone else had gone, we got there to find out it was shit so they waited outside while we ran in to go to the toilet. Once we finally got back out, the place was completely rammed, we decided that we would just grab some food and drinks and head back to the boys house.

We jumped on a bus only to realise we were on the wrong bus and we ended up heading 20 minutes in the wrong direction! We quickly got back off the bus and ordered a couple of ubers because no way were we planning to walk 20 minutes in the cold at 3am! We got in the cab and headed to get food and drinks and then we headed back to the boys house where we ate, drank and chatted. We played a game where we had to answer questions about all the different people in the room for example ‘how many boys has alice been with?’ ‘what is Harry’s perfect sized boobs?’ Sounds pretty stupid but hilarious at 4am when we’re all wasted!

We eventually ended up crashing out just after 5am which is technically for Saturday’s post but since I’m late with it anyway I’ll just write two posts!



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