Saturday 25th February

Today was a super lazy day, if you saw yesterdays post (which I wrote this morning!) you’ll know that I didn’t get to bed until gone 5am so we didn’t wake up until 12! Once we woke up we decided to head around the corner to an Italian sandwich shop where I got a tuna salad ciabatta and a tea and then we popped to Greggs on the way past and got doughnuts.

We headed back to the boys house and watched James bond while we ate. I was actually really surprised, because although I have got three older brothers so I have seen James bond films, I’ve never been interested so I was shocked to actually enjoy it! After James bond, we watched Lala land which was brilliant although in my¬†controversial opinion, it was slightly over rated!

The final movie we watched was saving Mr Banks, which although I think I may have seen it, I’ve never properly watched it and I loved it! It’s definitely made me want to watch Marry Poppins agains so I might work on convincing Tom that we should do that. While we watched saving Mr Banks we decided to order pizza which, although it took ages to arrive, it was not bad. After we finished the pizza, we got our stuff together and we headed back onto our three train journey home. Luckily Tom’s mum picked us up from the station so it saved the chilly bus ride back home.

Once we got home not a lot else happened, we were so tired that literally we made peppermint tea and crashed out. Sorry that this weekend my posts have been a little late but I was having so much fun that I didn’t have time to sit and write!



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