Monday 27th February

Today was back to work for me, but luckily – not for long! I’m off again tomorrow for my boyfriends birthday.

My boyfriend dropped me off at work this morning after a pretty chilled morning getting ready and eating toast. Work was not too bad but there were a few times when I wanted to go home. When it was finally time for my lunch break I headed out to get some pancake supplies, prosecco and a birthday balloon for Tom! After lunch we did plenty of messy activities and the afternoon flew by in a whirlwind of vomit, paint, sand, flour, glue and glitter! Tom picked me up at 6pm and we headed home, he cooked dinner while I tried on my world book day costume which I’m super excited about! I also had a look at the new suitcase that I bought as I have quite a few trips planned this year and I wanted to buy a case to use as usually when we travel we only take hand luggage. One of the babies at work had given me a gift voucher when she left and when I went online to have a look at what was about the cases on house of fraser were on sale for £25 so I decided to order one. I’m pretty pleased with it and I think it’ll be perfect for my many trips away and I cannot wait to use it!

I gave my boyfriend his balloon – for some reason I was more excited about it than him, he just moaned that it was a bit too glittery! I also finished wrapping and sorting all his birthday bits ready for the morning. We watched some TV and had dinner and then I popped to tesco to get us some Ben and Jerry’s and birthday snacks. Along with my Brownie group, I’m giving up chocolate for March to raise money for British heart foundation so I’m trying to stock up on chocolate now before I have to give it up!

This evening has been a nice chilled one of working out what to do and where to go tomorrow (I think I’ve decided) and munching! Can’t wait for our day off tomorrow. Goodnight


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