Birthday gift ideas for him

I know this post may not be completely relevant for everyone right now, but I always find myself searching for these kinds of things when I need to buy someone a birthday present, so even if it’s not relevant now hopefully you can save this for some point in the future.

I have five suggestions, obviously these are focused on my boyfriend and whichever man you’re buying for may not appreciate all of these but I think they’re good base line ideas that you can adapt to the man in your life.

1. Figure from a movie he likes


I didn’t actually buy this one for my boyfriend, I’ll be honest I have no idea where it came from but I have in the past bought him figures. When I’ve been to Disneyland the past couple of times I have bought him figures of Mickey mouse and Donald duck as star wars characters. It might be something I have no interest in and don’t really want displayed in my room but he likes them and when you’re a couple I guess it’s important to have elements of both of you. This idea works even better when you’re living apart because you don’t even have to see them all the time! Figures tend to range in price depending what it is, who it is and how old it is! 

2. Scrapbook of things you’ve done together


This is a pretty good one if you’ve got plenty of time but not so much money, I love to scrapbook so this one is right up my street, but if you’re not so creative or don’t have so much time you could even just do one page with some photos and stickers and frame it and I’m sure it would be just as appreciated. If you’re really struggling with the creative side check out pinterest for ideas and theres plenty of websites where you can input the photos and they do the rest for you and then you just have to get it printed and framed!

3. Book 


My boyfriend is really into Hygge at the moment- the danish art of living. So much so that two people bought him this book for Christmas. If there is something that your partner or friend is really into why not buy them a book which lets them explore it more. Books tend to not be too expensive and there are so many out there that you’re bound to find the right one for the job. 

4. Toiletries


It’s a classic but for good reason. Whenever I’m really stuck for a gift for someone toiletries is my go to. It doesn’t have to say ‘you stink,’ it can be a really nice present especially if you know it’s their favourite scent or something that relates to them. My boyfriend always seems to get shaving gel and creams and gels for after you shave but since he’s pretty happy with his beard that he’s had for a while now it’s not such a personal gift! The other great thing about toiletries is that they really range in price so chances are you can find something for the man in question that fits your budget. 

5. Gift experience


When it’s for your boyfriend or a really good friend I think it is so fun to buy an experience voucher, especially if you can use it together! It means they get a gift they love and you both get a fun day out. I bought this for my boyfriend this year and I have been so excited for him to open it. Plus it means their birthday isn’t over straight away they get to long it out for a little bit! Gift experiences tend to be a bit on the pricier side but they can vary and you can get some great deals if you’re willing to take the time to search about a bit. 




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