Tuesday 28th February

Today started really early with my boyfriend waking me up at 5:50 because he was excited about his birthday – he’s 26 for goodness sake! I didn’t answer but made it very obvious that I was going back to sleep, no way am I getting up at that time on my day off!


When we woke up properly (at a more reasonable hour!) I let him stay in bed for a bit and made him a coffee while I cooked breakfast – pancakes, bacon, syrup and prosecco of course – and set up his presents, banner and balloon. I love making an effort and making people feel special on their birthdays. It’s only once a year so you might as well celebrate!

After breakfast and opening presents we got ready and headed into London. Our first stop was the British Library which although I tend to find the exhibitions there a little boring – I mean how interesting really are maps? Come on, I really enjoy the atmosphere and the gift shop! It’s a pretty amazing library and I’m considering signing up so I can use their reading rooms and get books.

Once we had finished up at the Library we hoped on the tube and headed to Camden market to get some lunch and take a few photos! We got flat breads which were so yummy and we had a wander around the market and the shops. We got a tube from Camden to the national gallery and looked around at the paintings which isn’t completely what I’m into but my boyfriend enjoyed it and after all, it’s not my birthday! We had lots of fun there and from there we did some more shopping and walked to Covent garden for – you guessed it, more shopping! Once we were finished shopping we got a bus and the tube to Canary Wharf and had tapas and cocktails which was a lovely end to such a lovely day!


We got home to salted caramel cheese cakes and nice cosy cuddles under Tom’s new blanket! I hope he had a lovely birthday because I really loved spending the day with Tom and hopefully giving him a great birthday!


As I may have mentioned, we did a little shopping while we were there, I bought a few birthday cards as I have a tonne of birthdays coming up in March but since I’ve already written those out I can’t show them! I’m super tired and ready for bed now but I might do a little haul of everything I bought at some point this week if you fancy checking it out! Goodnight



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