Wednesday 1st March/Thursday 2nd March

Oops – I didn’t exactly forget to post yesterday, in fact I sat down at my desk poised to write and then my eyelids dropped and the only muscles I seemed to be able to move were the ones that got me from my chair to my bed and I passed out pretty soon after!

Fortunately I didn’t do a lot yesterday to catch up on, hence just shoving it into this post! I literally went to work, did some work, went to Primark to pick up a couple of Disney tops for my upcoming trip, did some more work, booked an appointment to get my tattoo touched up and then had a meeting and came home. By the time I got home I was completely drained but I had to get my hair washed and my costume sorted which leads me to Thursday – today – which is world book day!


Being such a big book nerd as I am, I’ve always loved world book day. When we found out we were dressing up for world book day at work I was so excited and I started brainstorming straight away! I decided to go as Alice in Wonderland as ever since I started at work the girls have been calling me Alice in Wonderland! I already had some long white socks, I found a cheap blue dress in a charity shop, I tied some black ribbon in my hair and I bought a little frilly apron online! I woke up a little earlier than usual to give myself time to put some make up on and shove some blue eyeshadow on my eyes! I even brushed my hair! I headed to work and was pleased to see everyone was dressed up (I was worried that people might be wearing pyjamas with disney characters as that’s what they had discussed!) and even the children had made a brilliant effort!


It was lots of fun and we loved seeing all the babies dressed up in their book costumes! After work I headed to brownies where the girls had been asked to come in their world book day costumes so we got to have some more fun seeing what everyone was wearing! We learnt about what it was like to be a child in the olden days and the girls did some funny plays about what they thought it was like. After Brownies I headed home and helped my boyfriend finish off dinner. We watched ‘release the hounds – love island special’ which although it terrifies me, I find it so interesting! Once I’ve finished writing this (nearly there!) I’m going to roll myself across the room and flop into bed. Last day of the week tomorrow and I am so ready for the weekend! Goodnight.



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