Disneyland Paris

I’ve been to Disneyland enough times now to know the things that I think are worth seeing and doing. Whether it’s your first time to disney or you’ve already been check out my top eight worth seeing list. Of course these aren’t all the things to go to Disney for but once you’re there, you might as well make the most of it!

1. Meet the Characters


This one does seem a bit obvious and if you’re going with children, of course you will queue up for over an hour to meet minnie mouse, why would you not? To be honest even if you’re not with children I think it’s worth the queues because even if you know who you’re really meeting, your heart will skip a beat and your palms will sweat a little at the excitement of meeting a childhood idol. Minnie and Mickey were just about the biggest celebrities of my childhood! 

2. Take full advantage of the all you can eat buffet breakfast!


If you’re anything like me when you go to Disney, theres so much to do during the day that there doesn’t tend to be time for snacks, that or you cannot bear the disney prices! I usually get half board which gives you breakfast and dinner. If you stock up at the breakfast buffet and maybe take a few snacks in your bag, chances are you’ll make it through to dinner time and you won’t miss out on any of the fun! Speaking of dinner time – think about what time you’re eating, if you’re planning to eat an evening dinner (6pm or so) you might want to try and go in and book during the day otherwise places get pretty full up and you might be waiting a while! 

3. Look out for the details on rides


Disney is well known for their attention to detail and boy do they not disappoint! When you’re on the rides, especially if you do them more than once, try and look out for the smaller details, this may be harder to do during your first visit – it really is a sensory overload – but the details are what thrill me the most about disney. I love that they make the queues interesting and wherever you find yourself, it’s completely photo worthy. 

4. Stick around for the disney dreams firework display


This is something that I never did until my 6th time but it is so worth it. I don’t want to spoil it by giving too much away but it is literally one of those moments where you feel like a five year old and you cannot believe that you’re in the most magical place on earth. Everyone tries to get the best spot for this but to be honest I don’t think it matters too much where you stand because its high up enough that you should still be able to see. Another tip for this show is after it finishes it will be absolute chaos to get out of Disney, if you’re willing to wait it out a bit you’ll find the place completely deserted and you can take a few decent photos before a nice quiet exit. 

5. Disneyland park


This one is probably quite obvious as the main reason to go to Disneyland but this is my favourite park, it’s the classic disney and it’s separated into four ‘lands’ each of the lands is differently themed and has different rides in in. If you’ve got the time, I would dedicate a few days to this park as it is the bigger one. This park is the place where your dreams really do come true so pay extra attention here. This is also where most of the shops are but don’t forget – all the shops sell the same things (mostly) at the same prices so I always tend to do my shopping in the evenings otherwise you end up carrying it around all day which is pretty annoying when you want to go on a ride!

6. Walt Disney Studios


This is the second disney park and although the first is my favourite, this one is still pretty cool. This one has some of the bigger rides and in my opinion is aimed at a slightly older audience – although lets be honest, who doesn’t act like a massive kid in Disneyland! This park also has some great shows so check out the maps and attractions guides at the entrance to see when all the different shows are on and where! Don’t forget Disney does seasons so if you go in august – you won’t be seeing Disney on ice!

7. Buffalo Bills


Buffalo bills is something which I am still conflicted on, whilst I do think it’s worth seeing and it is definitely an experience, its a bloody expensive one. If you’re torn and you’ve never seen it before then I’d say yeah go for it, but if you have seen the show or you’re not too fussed I wouldn’t stress about ticking it off the list. I’ve seen it a few times now and whilst it’s good it’s not the part of Disney that I always remember and look back on if I’m honest. 

8. Check out the quieter spots


When I went to Disneyland for the 7th time with my dad and his family, I came across a super quiet part of the park which I had never seen before! Theres nothing there, no rides, shows or characters but it was still beautifully decorated and it felt magical! The quiet spots are great to take a break, have a snack or, of course, take some lovely pictures.

If you’re interested in any other Disney related posts or have any tips and suggestions of your own – let me know. I’m always interested when it’s Disney related! I’m planning to do a whats in my Disney bag and of course a haul when I get back so keep your eyes peeled for those if you love disney as much as I do!


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