Goodbye February, Hello March

February has turned out to be a pretty good month for me, but I am hoping that March will be even better, with it being my birthday and all!

I started February being ill, not my favourite way to start the month but I did decide to start this blog whilst laying in bed and wishing I was feeling even just a little better than I was! I’m so glad that I decided to start this blog because even though it’s still just a little place for me to share my life and everything I love to write about, it’s something that even just a few people enjoy to read and it’s something that I love to write.

Since February is the end of my works holiday year, I had a few left over days to take before March started which meant I got to have a few nice long weekends, these were especially nice on the weekends that I got to spend with Tom as we don’t get to spend every weekend together. I got another new tattoo, probably one of my most meaningful – my mums date of birth – with one of my good work friends and then I went to hers for the weekend and had good fun baking, watching movies, gossiping and pigging out!

Another day off was on valentines day which my lovely boyfriend decided to take me to Leigh on Sea and we had such a lovely day together taking photos, eating an amazing lunch and generally enjoying our time together.

Since moving out, something that I really enjoy doing is taking the drive back home to spend a weekend at my mums. I really enjoyed a busy weekend seeing my grandparents, my dad and going to my god daughters first birthday party.

I also had a lovely day right at the end of the month celebrating my boyfriends birthday heading into London and having a lovely day museum hopping and shopping.

I decided to sign up to audible this month and I chose to listen to Russell Brand’s Revolution. I found it really interesting and it was a very enlightening listen on the way to work everyday. I was super productive with work and coursework and managed to get a lot done and uploaded.

I managed to tick five disney movies off of my classics list; Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping beauty, the Fox and the Hound, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. I’m loving catching up on all the disney classics, especially the ones that I’ve never seen before! I can’t wait to finish the list and to go to disneyland with my friend!

I also ticked three things off of my bucket list; cook a new recipe, go to a florists and buy flowers and bake macaronsIt’s not a tonne of things but I enjoyed them and I’m excited to get a few more ticked off in March!

In March I have a bunch of birthdays coming up including mine, so I’m looking forward to celebrating with all my family and friends. I also have some planning meetings arranged with my friend for brownies. I am really looking forward to a work training that I have been booked on which is about learning British Sign Language. I think it will be a pretty basic course in terms of how much we are taught but I think it will be so interesting to learn how to sign to all the songs that we sing at nursery. At the end of March I am going away to my mums brownie pack holiday which is always a fun experience, despite the excited 8 years olds and the lack of sleep!




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