Saturday 4th March

I woke up pretty early today and I have no idea why considering it’s a Saturday! Probably had something to do with the fact I went to bed super early Friday night! Sometimes, I swear I’m not 18, I feel more like 50 when I’m tucked up in bed under a cosy blanket by 9pm on a Friday night.

After I woke up, I realised that I hadn’t written yesterday’s blog post so I got that written up and published and whilst I was at it I decided to publish a little haul from when I went to London on Tuesday.

I wrote a shopping list and did some meal planning for the week and then got ready to go shopping. We did our food shopping and I picked up some beers for my dad for his birthday. Once we got home and had a blueberry muffin, my boyfriend washed the car for me and I got parking and travel insurance ready for Disneyland. I’m so excited for our trip, I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon.

After that was all sorted I went upstairs to do some coursework but the room was so messy that there was no way I could focus so instead of doing any work I decided to tidy up our room including under the bed and in the wardrobe! You know what they say clean room, clean mind, or something like that! I ended up spending the whole day decluttering, hoovering and clearing up! I finally finished up and sat down for lunch at about 4pm! After lunch I watch Sharpay’s fabulous adventure and my boyfriend cooked us some pizzas. I made the bed with fresh sheets and then set up my March spreads in my bullet journal.

I’m a little late but I finally wrote my February round up post  and now as I come to the end of this post, it’s time to snuggle up in bed and watch some netflix, or maybe another Disney movie! Goodnight.



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