Sunday 5th March

Today was another early start, thats the worst thing about Tom’s weekends off because when we’re together we always wake each other up by moving too much!

We woke up and I finished watching Frozen – I started it last night but I was so tired I didn’t get the whole way through! I went downstairs and made some breakfast which I sat down to eat some fresh berries and yoghurt. I decided to watch an episode of Hannah Montana while I ate and then I got started on my to do list.

I scanned some paperwork in to upload for my apprenticeship and then I did some course work. I took a break to nip into Town to get lunch and some bits and pieces that I didn’t manage to pick up when I was doing the food shopping yesterday. I had lunch and was straight back at it on the coursework. I wrote a blog post which will be up on Thursday and I did – you guessed it, more coursework!

I finally managed to finish the assignment I was working on and uploaded it, once that was all done I started watching Cow Belles (a Disney channel movie, thank you Disney life!)

Tom and I cooked dinner together, we made mushroom and potato curry to serve four.

1 large potato
5 large mushrooms
1 onion
1 can of coconut milk
1 tsp of curry powder
1tbsp oil
2 bags of boil in the bag basmati rice
100ml Vegetable stock

We started by chopping up the potatoes and onions into small chunks and putting them into a large saucepan with some oil. After 10 minutes we added the mushrooms, also chopped into small chunks. After another 10 minutes we put the curry powder, vegetable stock and coconut milk into the pan. We boiled it for five minutes and then reduced the heat. We put the rice bags into a pan of boiling water and cooked everything for 15-20 minutes. Once everything was soft and the liquid had thickened up we served the curry over the Basmati rice and it tasted so nice!

After dinner we did the washing up and I’m not writing this, just about ready to crash out before my early shift tomorrow. I want to set up my next assignment before I go to bed and then I’m all done for the day! Goodnight.


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