Monday 6th March

Today I woke up super early for a 7:30 start at work, someone had blocked my car in so I had to get my boyfriend to move it because no way was my horrible driving getting me out of that space without damaging either mine or their cars!

I got to work and had a pretty fun day and was so happy to leave at 5pm. I filled up the car with petrol on my way home and then picked my boyfriend up from the station. When we got home I started watching the Little Mermaid, but I felt like I should be doing something else so I did some coursework and had a shower. My sister in law asked me to take a photo of my hair from behind for the wedding hairdresser to see what it looked like and oh my gosh I hadn’t realised just how much it had grown!

I did some more coursework and then my boyfriend’s mum cooked us a yummy vegetarian shepherds  pie for dinner which was a nice treat not to have to cook! We had dinner and then I did some more coursework, listened to a podcast and tried to think of something to get my little sister for her birthday. I decided to text her and see what sort of thing she wanted and she said the only thing she had asked for were boxing gloves – what sort of 10 year old asks for boxing gloves!

We watched some TV and relaxed with tea and some home baked cookies that my boyfriend made. When we were finished I came up to bed to write this and now I’m ready to snuggle up in bed and watch some netflix. Goodnight.


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