Tuesday 7th March

Today I was on a later shift at work so I had a bit more of a relaxed morning and was actually even ready early! I managed to get a little bit of work done before we left and then I dropped my boyfriend off at the station and headed to work. We decided yesterday that we would go to the pub for drinks after work because one of the local pubs was reopening after refurbishing their beer garden and since it was such a nice day it made sense!

I had a pretty decent day at work and then we headed to the pub. It was pretty fun, they’ve put a bunch of beach huts in the garden so we were all crammed into a little beach hut with blankets and a heater – super cosy! I wasn’t drinking because I had to drive home but it was still a good time, sat there with my coke laughing and chilling with the girls! Once we left everyone wanted mcdonalds so we headed there for food (I didn’t get anything!) and then I drove one of the girls home before heading home myself.

By the time I got home I was so tired that I have literally eaten dinner and once I’ve finished this sentence I think I’ll be gone! I felt pretty bad when I was out because I said to my boyfriend I was only staying for one and I’d be home by 7 but I had such a good time that I didn’t get home till about an hour or so after that and whilst we were out my phone died! Luckily my friend had my mums number so I text my mum and asked her to text Tom and say that I’d be late home and it was okay – I wasn’t dead! Unfortunately my mum was out and her phone had no service so I got home to a few ‘Where are you, when will you be home?’ texts!




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