Wednesday 8th March

I had one of the most weirdly chilled out yet super stressful days at work today. Luckily we know that if we get stressed at work, the only way to deal with it is to make jokes and laugh because otherwise we might have to resort to shouting and swearing at each other and since, to the best of my knowledge, we all want to keep our jobs that’s not the most effective solution!

Just as I thought it was time to leave today, I had my bag, I was walking out to my car and then – nope! One of the parents asked me to go and get her daughters jumper that had been left. Luckily I managed to find it pretty quickly and I was straight back to the car. I jumped in and I headed to pick my boyfriend up and we went home. My boyfriend had bad news for me that he has to work late on my birthday so it’s been decided that no way will I be sitting home alone, of course we will go for drinks instead!

Tom cooked us some pasta and garlic bread for dinner and we munched on jammy dodgers while we caught up on TOWIE. I love a bit of TOWIE drama, especially now I live in Essex and they show places on the telly and I get that ‘OMG I’ve been there’ excitement! Unfortunately the girls at work don’t share my excitement because they’ve lived here all their lives so it’s just normal for them!

After TOWIE, I washed my hair and got ready for bed. Now I’m sitting here typing this and debating whether to watch a Disney movie, I did start the little mermaid the other day.. or to actually be productive and do some coursework! Hmm, I think we all know whether this will go!



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