Thursday 9th March

Today was, for some reason, another super stressful day at work! I’m not quite sure what went on but somehow we made it through the screaming children, the poo-y nappies and the missing staff. I had one moment where I sat there and really questioned my career choice. I was taking the children who are toilet training to the toilet and I asked them to have a try. One child had done a poo so I asked that child to wait one second whilst the other child was still on the toilet. The child with the poo in their pull up was rubbing themselves around the floor and the poo was creeping higher and higher up the nappy. The child who was one the toilet told me they had done a poo but when I helped them off the toilet there was nothing in there. In the moment that it took me to say “oh no, you haven’t done a poo, just a wee wee,” plop. The poo had stuck to the child’s bum and it fell on the floor. It was one of those moments where you just want to bang your head against the wall. Luckily it gave everyone in the nursery a chuckle and no one was harmed.

After work, it was Brownie time and tonight the girls enjoyed talking about camp and making the things that they would need to take with them to camp out of cardboard boxes. I always wonder why I stress myself out by dragging my stressed, tired bum from work to Brownies every week but it is honestly so worth it. I love it and the girls really make it fun. Tonight, they also picked a ‘Brownie name’ for me and they now call me ‘squirrel.’

I eventually got home, a little late because there was so much clearing up to do, and I was super happy to find that Tom had already sorted dinner so it was just time to eat and crash out!



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