Friday 10th March

Today was another pretty stressful day at work, made worse by the fact a few members of staff were off on a course but to be honest we made it through and it wasn’t too bad! After work I had one of those moments where you really just question every decision you have ever made in your life and you just don’t know if you’ve made the right choices.

I had a complete breakdown moment and of course, my boyfriend being a man, he decided to right me out a life plan. He started by listing everything that was stressing me, my level 3 course, brownies, my birthday (although I’m not sure why he thought that was stressing me,) pack holiday, not getting home to see my family enough and money. He then broke it down, starting with my course, I have two units to get done by Monday so he broke down my weekend into hour slots and told me how much work I have to get done in order to achieve my deadline. Next brownies, I don’t have to think about it until Thursday therefore push it out of my mind for a few days. My birthday is an exciting thing which he is going to sort of so he drew balloons next to it! Pack holiday is something I’ve taken on so therefore I need to write a list of what needs doing and delegate as much as I can to the people who are there to help me. He said that it’s okay that I don’t get home to see my family as much as I wanted to but I’m on a pretty low wage at the moment so they will understand, make use of Skype and FaceTime until I’m earning more and I can afford to get home more often. Next up was the big one, money. He wrote down how much money I currently have in my bank, explained that actually if I can’t afford to send my mum a mothers day present that would be okay, write a nice card instead and send that, it has the same sentiment. Take my sister shopping for a birthday present and don’t go over an agreed budget. I’m the worst when it comes to budgeting for gifts so giving me a budget that I had to stick to was a bit scary but I’m sure it can be done. He said that actually I didn’t need to stress about needing petrol, I have petrol in my car and if I run out he’ll buy it because its both of our car, we both drive it. Which is true but I usually pay petrol because I drive it more and he pays more for the car monthly but luckily I found an amazing boyfriend who said it doesn’t matter. It’s not worth getting upset and worrying myself over a bit of petrol!

Eventually I calmed myself down and had some dinner. We had a relaxing evening of watching youtube and Netflix and not stressing about anything.




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