Saturday 11th March

Today was a pretty busy Saturday! I woke up super early to take my boyfriend to the station for work. I came home to get ready and I managed to get a little bit of coursework done before my mum and sister arrived. We went to Romford to do some shopping because my mum needed some shoes for my brothers wedding and I still needed to buy my little sister a birthday present. My sister took about 2 hours to decide what to get! She eventually settled on a colouring book and a pillow.

We went to Frankie and Bennies to get some food, I got blueberry pancakes and a tea which was perfect since I realised that I had forget breakfast. We finished up our food and we headed back home to swap our cars over. My sister thought she was hilarious and asked me to open my birthday present that she had bought me, she had wrapped up one of the books that was on my bookcase at my mums house! Apparently that was the joke present and what she actually got me was a lovely little wash bag with some miniature toiletries ready for my trip to disney!

My mum drove us to the venue for our pack holiday, we looked around and I decided that I’m really happy with the venue so we’ve booked it all ready for our trip. I also got my Disney travel documents in the post along with a little gift of a travel guide and four luggage tags from Disney! It’s less than 30 days to go now and I’m so excited.

After we had looked around my mum drove us home and she headed back to Cambridge. I decided to do some washing and then I did plenty of coursework. I also managed to do a bit more pack holiday planning, send some emails and cook dinner.

After dinner we watched Saturday night takeaway and munched on some cinnamon rolls. We came upstairs and Tom watched some TV while I did even more coursework and watched some Hannah Montana, what did I even do with my life before I found Disney life? Now it’s time to finish the evening with some more Hannah Montana and maybe a good old disney movie!




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