Sunday 12th March 2017

What a surprise today turned out to be! I woke up thinking I had a brownie planning meeting to go to so I dropped Tom at the station and headed home to get myself sorted. I had to remember to text my dad as it was his birthday today and since I had some time, I decided to do some coursework and got the washing on. I was planning to do my food shopping but since I didn’t have time to do it before I was going to do it once the meeting had finished.

I turned up at my friends house expecting her and her mum there but instead it was two of my friends from work who jumped out and shouted surprise! Turns out it wasn’t a meeting but instead they had planned a day out as a birthday surprise! I was so shocked and I had no idea that they were planning anything. Another one of our friends turned up with the biggest balloon I have ever seen (so big that it wouldn’t fit in my boot) and a Disney bag. They said I wasn’t allowed the present yet as it was the clue to what we were doing so I could have it when we got to our lunch.

My friends boyfriend drove us to the train station and we got the train into London. I still had no idea what we were doing and we headed to a pub for some lunch. They bought me lunch and then I got to see my present. It was a Simba pillow, which completely gave it away as they had already dropped a few clues, one of the girls was using her phone for directions and her phone had read out the name of the theatre and one of the other girls had dropped a few hints about the top I was wearing (I had completely coincidently put on a lion king top) and I accidentally over heard a hushed conversation about Pumba!

We finished up our lunch and had some drinks and then we headed to the theatre. We got a little bit lost but I impressed myself by using a map – something I have never successfully used before – and got us to the theatre to collect our tickets. We went in and I was so excited! I can’t believe I have met such amazing friends! I don’t think I could even put into words how grateful I am and how special they made me feel. I think it meant even more because I was just coming out of my mini melt down where I had been questioning whether I made the right choices by coming here and doing the job I’m doing but they reminded me that I really have been lucky to meet them and they’re so special to me!

The show was amazing – I have seen it before but I think it was even better this time around. Once the show finished we headed over to trafalgar square to take a few pictures and then somehow I managed to navigate us home on the tube – something that I never expected myself to manage!

I got home and my boyfriend had cooked me dinner and I’m still so happy and surprised that the girls did that for me. I’m always grateful for presents and I think it’s so lovely when people buy you things but to actually plan a day out for me and keep it a complete secret, it was so lovely of them and it meant so much to me! Especially since one of the girls is the worst person I’ve ever met when it comes to keeping secrets! Turns out she’d been dropping hints the whole time but since I didn’t know that they were planning anything at all I had no idea!


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