Monday 13th – Friday 17th March

I think I am going to take a new approach with these blog posts for a couple of reasons, mostly though, on week days when I’m at work, there’s not too much going on so it doesn’t really warrant a post per day.


To be honest, Monday is a prime example of why it’s not really worth me writing every day. All that happened on Monday was that I got up and organised some of my coursework, I went to work and my tutor came in. My tutor helped me with a bit of my coursework and explained some of the bits that I was struggling with. After my tutor left I had a pretty decent day the only bit that was a bit of a nightmare was that there were a bunch of parents who got stuck on the trains so we didn’t get out of work till quite late. Luckily I got home to find that my boyfriend had cooked dinner for me, I pretty much got home, jumped in the shower and crashed out straight away!


Tuesday was my brothers birthday so I made sure to text him  and then I headed to work. It was quite a stressful day at work but it wasn’t too bad. Since Tom was going to be working late on my birthday, he decided to take me out for dinner tonight instead. He picked me up from work and we went to a global buffet. It was really nice, I always love going for dinner together and getting a chance to actually chat without the distraction of a million and one things that we need to get done! After dinner we picked up some cakes, one for my birthday and some to take into work.


Wednesday was my birthday! I had such a lovely day even though I went into work all day. The girls at work were so lovely and they didn’t even give me any jobs to make my day that bit nicer! I also had my supervision which although I was really worried, it actually went really well and I got really nice feedback from my manager and my peers at work. At snack time the girls all sang happy birthday to me and got one of the babies to give me a bag of disney presents and a balloon! The bag with the presents had Elsa on it so the little girl who gave it to me didn’t want to let go and all of the children were so interested in looking at everything in my bag! As I mentioned, Tom was working late so I arranged to go for some drinks after work with the girls as no way was I going to be sitting at home on my own on my birthday! I was the last one to get to the pub so I walked in on my own to find that the girls had gone and got me a badge so that everyone knew it was my birthday! We got a few drinks and then they started singing happy birthday again when one of the girls appeared out of no where with a cake complete with candles! I’m really lucky to have met such a lovely bunch of ladies! Tom picked me up from the pub and we headed home, picking up some chips on the way home and then we watched an episode of project runway and headed to bed.

birthday cake.jpg


Today I got to work a slightly earlier shift at work because I had brownies in the evening. Unfortunately it was a super stressful day at work so I was so happy to be on the early shift, I couldn’t wait to walk out at 5:30! After work I headed to Brownies which was badge night, it was quite interesting to watch the girls present the work that they had done at home. After brownies I headed home to have some dinner and once again, crashed out!


Friday was another pretty decent day at work, unfortunately my shift partner was off one Friday so I had a pretty lonely lunch time! Luckily this meant that I was able to start listening to my new audiobook, I just downloaded ‘A year of living Danishly’ by Helen Russell and so far I’m loving it. After work I came home to the best news, my boyfriend had been interviewed for an internal promotion and he’d got the job! Bitter-sweet though as it meant he went for drinks after work so he was late home! I picked him up from the station and before he could even finish cooking his dinner I fell asleep on the sofa and he sent me upstairs to bed!



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