A week feels like forever..

As the title says, it feels like honestly forever since I’ve been writing this blog. I feel like I haven’t even picked up my laptop for a good few months. I’ve just checked and it hasn’t actually been that long, I wrote a blog post on the 18th March which was about my birthday day out with my boyfriend, and I also have been on my laptop a few times since then trying to do coursework and brownie paperwork. Key word there is trying, I’m trying to do coursework now yet here I am instead, writing.

Sunday 19th March

Sunday was my sisters birthday, I didn’t get to go and see her but I did text her and it sounds like she had a good day! We had a pretty chilled out day, so chilled out in fact that I can’t really remember what I got up to. If memory serves correctly my boyfriend and I were pretty much nailed to our computers doing work, plenty of washing got done and I watched a disney movie or two. Pretty decent Sunday if you ask me!

Monday 20th March 

Monday I had work, I had quite a nice day on the early shift. I was so happy to wake up at 6:30am to find that it was light outside. I had a happy morning and then work was pretty pleasant for a Monday! I also loved coming home early and getting dinner sorted before my boyfriend walked through the door!

Tuesday 21st March

Tuesday was another day with really not a lot to say. I’ve got my brothers wedding coming up, for which I’m a bridesmaid, so I had a look at some hair styles as my sister-in-law to be is letting me choose how I have my hair. I found a few really lovely ones but I’m still not decided whether I want it up or down!

Wednesday 22nd March 

Another early start and a lovely day at work on Wednesday! After work I had a brownie meeting about my pack holiday. Luckily the woman who I had to meet lived really close, but not so luckily I couldn’t find a parking space so even though it only took my 3 minutes to drive to her, it took me 20 minutes driving up and down the road trying to park!

Thursday 23rd March

I started work at 7:30 which meant I finished at 5pm. This was lovely except for the fact I had brownies so I couldn’t go home! Some of the work girls and I made some hand printing mothers day cards for a couple of the older ladies at work who look after us and act like mums to us, since I had the time I stayed around to finish making those. I wish I had taken some pictures because they were really sweet and I think they’d make a lovely mothers day card to anyone who you know that looks after you, be it your mum or a colleague! After I had done that and some more work, I headed to brownies. Despite finishing so early, I ended up being late! At brownies we made more mothers day cards and cookies which looked so amazing!

Friday 24th March

Friday was a lovely day at work because I knew it was the weekend, except I also knew I had training on Saturday so my work week wasn’t really over! After work I went to the tattoo shop and got my most recent tattoo touched up because a load of the ink had come out of the letters on my arm. It didn’t take long at all and then I headed to lidl to get some dinner and I ended up making the yummiest sweet potato and green rice burrito bowls with all sorts of yummy goodness like avocado, feta cheese, black beans, kidney beans, lentils and the works!

Saturday 25th March

I took Tom to the train station and then headed to work, I met up with the girls early and we got some breakfast at a cafe near work. I actually really enjoyed the veggie sausages and I’m not usually one for meat substitutes! We had a busy day of Mackaton training which I found really interesting and I managed to learn so much. After the training, my friend and I headed to the shops to buy some disney stuff but we had a very unsuccessful trip and we didn’t find anything! We went to burger king, I got fries – Burger King fries have nothing on Mcdonalds fries! Once we’d finished up we drove back to my friends house and cracked on with some Brownie planning. We had a really productive afternoon and then I came home and got on with making a sweet potato curry for dinner.

Sunday 26th March

Since it was mothers day, I had to go with the Brownies to a church service in the morning. I woke up to a pretty nasty surprise and found that someone had driven into my car during the night. Luckily it’s still drivable but it’s not nice to find that someone just hit your car and didn’t bother to stop! Especially when it’s my first brand new car and I’m super proud of my boyfriend and I for buying it! It might not be the best, fastest or most expensive car but we work hard for what we have and since I have no idea which idiot managed to drive into it, it’s us that have to foot the bill! Not the best way to start the day! After plenty of swearing and a few stressful phone calls, I headed to the church and the girls did really well carrying the flag and reading their prayers. After church I did some shopping, organised some brownies activities, visited a few places to try and sort the car and did my food shopping. My boyfriend also asked me to check over his dissertation for him which was a good chunk of my evening since it was a good few thousand words!

Now we’re near enough up to date so I’ll leave it there and hopefully I won’t be so shitty at catching up next week!



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