A year in a weekend

This weekend I had Friday off work  in order to get some bits done before I went off to Brownie pack holiday. Unfortunately due to someone driving into my car in the night, I had to take it into the garage and get it fixed, since none of the garages near me had the right part or space to do it I had to take it to Cambridge! I set off at 6:30 Friday morning only to get almost there to find that my satnav had redirected me to home and not the garage, this was probably a good thing though as it gave me chance to drop off my bags at my mum’s house before taking the car into the garage.

Once I dropped the car off I walked to meet my dad for breakfast, and luckily my car was ready quick enough that he dropped me back at the garage to collect it. I drove back to my mums and made myself some lunch, I saw my god daughter for a little bit and we played in the garden with the bunny since it was such a lovely day! After she went home my bother and I nipped into Cambridge for some last minute bits and pieces and then it was almost time for me to be collected.

I jumped in my friends car and she drove us to Peterborough for pack holiday, where we had just enough time to get ready and unload our bits before the girls arrived. I really enjoyed seeing all of the brownies since I haven’t seen them since I’ve moved away. We started off Friday night making some placemats and watching Princess and the Frog with hot chocolate and biscuits. After a long evening I eventually got a few hours sleep only to be awake again at 6 to begin the day!

On Saturday we celebrated Pancake day with a pancake breakfast, we celebrated valentines day by making heart shaped sun catchers, Easter with pom pom chicks and an easter egg hunt outside and then it was time for a birthday party with party food, jelly and ice cream, pass the parcel and plenty of balloons and dancing games. The girls had a well deserved brownie hour of quiet and relaxing and I had chance to catch up on my own pack holiday book and make notes of things that did and didn’t work in order to help with my pack holiday.

The afternoon involved some more outdoors time and peg doll guy-fawkes. In the evening we had a christmas dinner with crackers and then we wrapped up and headed outside for sparklers and singing around the camp fire. After that we came inside for a little bit more singing and the girls headed to bed.

Sunday was a slightly later start as I think the girls were all so tired from the day before! We had a continental breakfast followed by a surprise visit from Santa who came with presents for all of the girls! They then had to pack their bags before having some outdoor time, making christmas stockings and designing easter eggs for a competition. We had jacket potatoes for lunch and then the girls finished packing their bags and had their final run around outside where we played hide and seek, stuck in the mud, a team game of hiding and stealing ‘magic dragon eggs’ and a team game of keeping the balloon in the air!

Finally the parents were arriving so we headed inside to play wink murderer and splat before presenting the girls with their badges, their presents and gifts for the girls with the most points throughout the weekend.

Once everyone had headed home we tidied and cleaned the building and headed home ourselves. After my sister in law dropped me back at my mums house I decided to go straight back to Essex however that proved to be the wrong choice when I started drifting off on the motor way! I stopped at the services for some food and a drink before finishing my journey home. I was so glad to be home in my own, comfy, non-sqeaky bed that I was asleep super early happy that I had no alarm set for my day off!


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