Long time, no type.

Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it. I’m a big fan of overfilling my plate and sometimes it gets a bit much, hence why I’ve been MIA for a little while. I have a number of commitments with work and brownies and doing my apprenticeship course and I also have given myself other things to stress about such as organising a brownie pack holiday and finding time to get home and see my family and of course starting this blog. 

After I had a complete breakdown, I decided to streamline my commitments and only focus on what I really needed to focus on, that meant giving up this blog for a while, no more planning, no more reading, less time living my life for the things that made me happy. I honestly believe that we have one chance in this world so when I look back over the last few months I am genuinely kicking myself. Why would I give up the things that make me happy for the things that yes, they might need doing but they don’t bring me the same joy and pleasure.

I’ve decided I am going to go for a new approach, I’m not focusing on just the things I need to do or the things that make me happy but I’m striving for balance. I want to do everything, the things that I have to get done like working and doing coursework, the things that I choose but might not always be my favourite such as brownies and ultimately I always want to make time for the things that make me happy, my blog, reading and planning are all my favourite ways to pass the time. You can bet I’ll be making a lot more time for those over the coming months and hopefully a few of you have stuck around to welcome me back.

Speak to you soon. 


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