Sunday 30th May: Organising

I woke up later than I would on a usual day however it wasn’t super late. My boyfriend and I watched a few episodes of project runway, yes – I know, we’re such rockstars. We got up and got ourselves ready for the day and we drove into the local town.


We went into Starbucks and got ourselves a pastry each, an orange juice for me and a coffee for him. Since neither of us like to limit ourselves we hacked each pastry into two and made a trade so we had half each.

After getting breakfast we went to Sainsbury’s to do our food shopping. Since we like to try and stick to a fairly low budget for our food shopping we usually gravitate to the lower budget stores such as aldi and lidl however Sainsbury’s was convenient so we decided to adapt our shopping list to suit. We went for cheaper meals based on the items we already had in the cupboards so we didn’t end up spending too much more. We paid for our food and loaded it into the car and stopped on the way home at a car wash. I’ve been thinking a lot about money and happiness and their connection recently and I’ve just finished reading ‘the no spend year’ by Michelle McGagh. I know that spending £5 to get someone to wash my car for me is definitely not an essential and something that I need to spend my money on however every time I walked outside to my car and saw it looking dirty it made me unhappy and put a little damper on my mood. I know, next logical step is to wash it myself, I could buy a bottle of car shampoo that lasts me a good few washes with that £5 but then I had to tell myself the honest truth, I couldn’t be bothered. As it happens, I spent £5 getting my car cleaned and the minute we left the car wash a bird took a shit on my windscreen. Probably a fairly apt analogy of the situation.

I went home, my boyfriend finished up his DIY project which he’s super happy with and I’m so proud of him for creating! I can’t wait to fill it up with lots of different herbs and little plants that we can use in our cooking. Not that I didn’t cook before, but since we stopped eating meat, I’m definitely cooking a lot more different recipes that require a whole range of herbs and such and its a bit expensive buying a packet of chives or coriander each week so hopefully this will cut down the costs a little bit and it looks so lovely!

Whilst he was doing that I spent a little bit of time organising my desk, writing some blog posts and filling in ‘to do’s, budgets and appointments in my planner. To say I have taken a different approach to planning is an understatement, gone are the days of a million stickers in my Erin condren. I have taken a very grown up, or so I believe, step into a classic Bullet journal which I use with biro and the occasional highlighter to organise and make sense of my life. I managed to get on with a little bit of coursework and make yet another cheeky online purchase, damn you pay day. 

My boyfriend told me to get ready and he took me to a nearby pub and treated me to a yummy Sunday lunch. I had garlic mushrooms to start and a roasted vegetable tart with all the trimmings to follow. I also shared a peach cheesecake with my boyfriend, I say shared.. I think he described it as stealing, but hey, what is a romantic lunch with out a bit of thievery between friends.

After lunch we came home, my boyfriend did some of whatever it is he does and I got on with a bit more coursework. For real this time. We watched a documentary on Minimalism, it wasn’t what I expected and whilst I have decided that I really don’t think minimalism is the approach for me, it is an interesting watch. Even though I don’t think that full on minimalism is quite my cup of tea, I am very interested in the different ways of downsizing on stuff and upsizing on happiness and general life satisfaction so if anyone has any advice or tips that they’d be willing to share, I am more than willing to listen and hopefully learn.

A little more coursework and this blog post later, it’s time for me to relax in bed, watch an episode, or two, of project runway and retire to the land of nod.



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