Disney Day 2

We woke up early on day two and we were so tired! We got ourselves ready plutoand headed straight to the breakfast buffet and began the day with my favourite pastry breakfast. After breakfast we met pluto for a photo and then we went and hopped o
nto a shuttle bus into the park ready for another exciting day to begin!

We decided to start the day by meeting my friends favourite princess so we got ourselves straight in the line to meet cinderella. It was a pretty long queue but it wasn’t too bad and we got talking to a family in front of us in the queue so it didn’t feel too long! When we finally did get to meet her we were both pretty disappointed because not only was she a bit funny the photos we got were horrible. We did consider queuing up and redoing it but at least we did it I suppose.

The next thing on our to do list for the day was to get our faces painted, on our way to the face painting we bumped into Japetto so we stopped for a quick photo since he had no queue and despite him not being one of my favourite characters, I think this might be one of my favourite photos of the trip!


We had a pretty good day getting our faces painted, we also met alice and the mad hatter and Mary poppins, Burt and the penguin. We also explored Alice’s labyrinth and the queen of hearts castle and the small world ride. We decided to head to the studios park and we went on the studio tram tour, the tower of terror, ratatouille and the slinky dog ride. It was so much fun and I still can’t believe quite how much we managed do get done in just one day!

After all of the fun and excitement we headed back to the hotel so that I could change into jeans and we got some dinner before we went back out to the illuminations night time show. It was so magical and although it ended up being the only night that we watched the show, it was one of the best nights of the trip. Despite arriving ten minutes before the show started we managed to squeeze into an amazing spot and we waited around for a few minutes after to get some lovely photos in front of the castle.



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