Disney day 3


Day three was such an exciting day, we had our breakfast and met Goofy before we headed to the park. We went straight to the studio’s to meet Belle although we ended up queueing for about two hours to meet her! Luckily it was worth it and the photos we got were lovely.


We did a fair few rides again on this day and we managed to go to a 4D disney classic movie show, star tours, the story book train, the story book boats, the snow white ride, the toy story parachute drop and Andy’s RC racer car, both of which were terrifying!

For dinner on the third day we went to Annettes Diner in the disney village. The queue wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t too badly priced meaning we were able to use our dinner vouchers to cover the cost of our meal. The atmosphere was so lovely and we enjoyed a two course dinner followed by a lovely bit of shopping.


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