Disney day 4

The first stop of today was meeting Mickey mouse because can you really go for a trip to Disneyland and not go and meet the man himself, Mickey mouse?

We met a few characters and most of the rides that we hadn’t already got done. This was our final super busy jam packed day and I loved it!

For dinner on this day we went to the Agrabah cafe in the Aladdin themed area and the food was okay but it was different. Since giving up meat I’ve gotten used to eating a lot of middle eastern style foods but it’s safe to say my friend wasn’t so impressed!

After dinner we decided to find ourselves a spot to sit down ready to watch the night time show. We found a perfect spot and after about an hour or so my friend and I decided that we were so cold and tired that we really weren’t in the mood to watch the show and we would hate to ruin the magic because of our bad moods!

castle copy 2


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