Disneyland Paris Day One

From the 7th to the 12th April, my work friend and I spent 6 days in the happiest, most magical place I’ve ever known as we joined in with celebrating the 25th Birthday of Disneyland Paris!

We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel for our trip and we were both really impressed with the hotel, I believe we picked it because it was one of the cheaper disney hotels but the price wasn’t reflected in poor quality at all, we had two double beds which were really comfy, everything was very clean and nice and the shuttle bus only took 6 minutes to get from our hotel to the park each morning! The only issue that we had was when we arrive our shower was broken but within an hour of mentioning it at the reception we had a maintenance man come to our room and fix it with no problems!

We paid for the Half board food package when we booked the holiday which meant when we arrived we were given breakfast vouchers which allowed us to each have an all you can eat breakfast buffet each morning at our hotel and we also had meal vouchers which allowed us to get dinner each, I believe the meal vouchers are designed for the buffet restaurants but some places you can pay a little extra to get your food and some places such as Annette’s diner accept the vouchers for the value stated and if you choose to order more food than that value you can just pay the extra on top. This worked out nicely for us and we decided to just buy a snack or small meal during the day.

It’s also worth mentioning that for my friend it was the first time she had ever been to Disney and for me, I’ve been quite a few times before however it’s my first trip without my family and it was definitely a different experience! Plus I had booked and planned most of the holiday so that was pretty stressful at times!


We set off super early on Friday morning, we left at 2am to be precise! We eventually made it to the airport and checked in our bags with just enough time to grab ourselves some breakfast and pick up some toiletries that I forgot to buy! We boarded our plane and set off at 6am, within an hour we landed in Paris and were ready for our adventure to begin. After some searching, we found the bus stop for the Disney Magic Shuttle and we hopped on board. The bus dropped us off at our hotel and we managed to check in really quickly and head straight to our room! Once we had chance to drop our bags and freshen up we decided we might as well let the magic begin and we made our way to the parks. We started off by going into the Disneyland Park because we were both so excited for the magical moment of seeing sleeping beauty’s castle! Of course it was an essential that we take a selfie in front of the beautiful building and we began our day!

first day - castle.jpg

The first ride of the trip ended up being Pinocchio, mostly because that was the first ride we saw and we were both a little sleepy and overwhelmed! During our first day we were both so tired so we decided to just take it easy, have a wander and do some bits but not go crazy trying to cram everything in! We did enjoy the Pinocchio ride however it wasn’t the best ride of the trip and if we had less time I think this is one that we would have given a miss. Whilst in Fantasy land on our first day we also decided to go on Peter Pan’s Flight which my friends mum had been raving about how much she had enjoyed it and I think it is a pretty magical ride, especially for younger ones. We managed to get lucky since that ride usually has quite a big queue so we jumped in at about a 20 minute wait and we both really enjoyed it. donald duck

We stopped for some food and since I had recently become a vegetarian I wasn’t sure how many food choices I would have in Disney so I was really
pleasantly surprised that there were actually lots of options for me and I decided to get a veggie burger which was so nice! After eating we went on the Dumbo ride which was really fun, t
he only issue I have with this sort of ride in Disney is that there are two other rides t
at are almost the same (dumbo, flying carpets and orbitron!) so if you don’t have a tonne of time you can probably just pick one and go without the other two!


We also metJafar
a couple of characters on our first day, we saw that the line for Donald duck wasn’t too long so we went and had a photo with him. We also met Jaffar although we were both really scared and there were a few times while we were queuing where we definitely considered running away! I’m glad we didn’t though because it was quite fun and it was a funny if not slightly awkward meeting!

Since we were so tired we decided that we would go on a roller coaster to wake us up a bit so we picked big Thunder mountain and we both loved it so much! I believe I’m right in saying that the ride had changed a little bit since I was last there but it was super fun and we both came off the ride far more awake!

We called it a day pretty early on the first day because we were super tired so we headed back to our hotel to get some dinner and then we went back to our room and went pretty much straight to bed!




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