Goodbye April, Hello May

April was a pretty busy month and I did get a fair bit done, I’m really excited to be stepping into another really exciting month in May.

I started my April at a weekend away with my old brownie pack which I wrote about here and I had a really great time. Unfortunately this fun weekend was shaded by some sad news that my boyfriends nan did pass away.

I was back at work for just a few days before I was packed and ready to head off to Disneyland Paris for 6 days! I haven’t yet gotten around to writing up my Disney posts but I’m working on it so keep your eyes peeled for that! After I came home from Disney I was excited to head back home for a weekend where I had lunch with some of my old school friends, I went to a family party and ended up going on a pretty rubbish but so funny night out with my brother and sister in law which was lovely.


Whilst I was home I also went out for lunch with my brother and sister in law, hang over meals are sometimes my favourite! I also had another night out with my two best friends who I haven’t seen in so long and we had a well needed catch up!

ellie and florence.jpg

I came home to some yummy easter presents and a lovely family roast dinner which was a bit different for me as Easter dinner isn’t something my family have really done throughout my life but it was a lovely chance to catch up with Tom and his family.


I finally went back to work after what felt like ages being off and whilst it was a bit of a hit I was really glad to be back. It was quite nice to go back on a four day week which I finished by heading back to Cambridge at the weekend, just for the day this time, to go to a bbq at my grandparents house.

I enjoyed my day with my family and then came back to Essex to enjoy another chilled Sunday before another four day work week. I spend my Sunday cleaning and baking which was really fun as baking is one of my favourite things to do but I just never seem to have the time to do any!

My four day week at work wasn’t too bad and was sprinkled with some really funny moments and a nice shopping trip which my boyfriend surprised me with where I bought a new swimsuit and a lipstick which I chose entirely because it was called ‘rosewood.’ Any other PLL fans about? Unfortunately my day off wasn’t quite so pleasant as we had to attend my boyfriends Nans funeral which I wrote about here. I finished the month with a lovely weekend, starting with a game of outdoor laser tag for my friends birthday and finished it with a day spent with my boyfriend getting breakfast and lunch together and really enjoying each others company before it was time to begin our busy month of May.

See you soon. 



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