Veggie BBQ recipes

I recently was invited to a family BBQ where we were told that my grandparents would make salads and such but we were asked to bring our own meats for the bbq. Since I have recently stopped eating meat I was a bit confused at to what I should bring. I ended up with three ideas and some crisps.

1. BBQ pineapple steaks

The first thing I did was buy a pineapple. I chopped off the top and bottom and peeled the edges. I sliced them into pretty thick slices and I wrapped them in some tinfoil and kept them in the fridge until we were ready to use them. When I got to the bbq I just unwrapped the pineapple and grilled them for about 5 minutes before eating. They were really nice although a little juicy and sticky so it’s definitely worth keeping some napkins nearby!

2. BBQ corn on the cob

The next thing I did was buy some corn on the cobs, these were really easy and all I did was take them out of the packet, get a square on tinfoil and put some bbq sauce and spices onto the tinfoil before wrapping the corn in the foil and keeping them refrigerated until I was ready to use them. I put them on the bbq for about 20 minutes and they were really yummy!

3. Coconut and herb potato skewers

The final thing I made was some potato skewers. I chopped up some baby potatoes and then tossed them in a bowl with some melted coconut oil, paprika and mixed herbs. Once all the potatoes were coated I thread them onto wooden skewers and then put them on the BBQ for about 25-30 minutes. If I had part boiled the potatoes before tossing them with oil and herbs they would have cooked quite a bit quicker on the bbq however I didn’t mind the wait and they definitely tasted great!

If you try any of these ideas, let me know! Of course if you really want some brilliant veggie bbq ideas, scrap the food and just got for cocktails and you really can’t go wrong!

See you soon!


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