Tuesday 2nd May – Thursday 4th May

And so it begins again, the very reason that I really struggle to blog during the week. One day I will find a decent solution to this but for now, lets go.

Tuesday 2nd May

This was back to work day after a long weekend so I was a little bit glad to be back but not so much so that it was any easier waking up for work in the morning! My first job of the day (aside from work which is an all day job!) was to ask my manager for some paperwork. I needed to do a self-observation for my course so I managed to get some sheets to fill out. During my lunch break, my friend and I ran around to the Works to get some tie-dye kits ready for brownies on Thursday, if you’re considering getting tie-dye kits they’re only £5 for a pack of 5 colours in the works. Full review coming soon 😉 After I finished work I went home and cooked dinner for my boyfriend and I, a thai green curry with potatoes and peppers. It was nice but it took quite a while to cook because of the potatoes so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it as a weekday dinner! There’s no recipe for this one because we just bought a packet and did what it said to do! After dinner I filled out and uploaded my self assessments for my course. I haven’t had to do any self assessments for a little while and I really forgot how tricky it is! I didn’t get a lot else done this evening except for watching a few episodes of river dale on Netflix which is my new favourite TV show and I’m completely hooked!

Wednesday 3rd May

Today was a work day as so many days are! I went to work, did my job and came home again! During today’s lunch break we had a mad dash around hobby craft trying to find more things for our tie-dye t-shirt activities before running back to work. After work we had a second mad dash, this time to Primark to buy the t-shirts, a fairly vital part of the process. Once we had most of our t-shirts (they didn’t have all the right sizes!) we headed back to work again for a staff meeting. After the meeting I went home and rang the emergency dentist because I’m not registered at a dentist locally and I’ve had a toothache for a month and a half which hasn’t gone away! I managed to get an appointment and, as I had guessed might be the case, I’ve got an infection so its antibiotics and no drinking for me!

Thursday 4th May

Work, work, work. Although my work days are actually really fun and I do a lot while I’m at work, because of the nature of my job I can’t really say a lot about it. Also, however would I pick the best stories to share even if I could! After work today it was brownies however first we had a quick dash back to Primark to get the rest of the T-shirts which we couldn’t get before! We had loads of fun at brownies making patterns and decorating our shirts and I just hope that they come out looking really cool after all of the effort that the girls put in! I came home to find that my boyfriend had already cooked me dinner and I had a feel unique delivery! I did some writing and some brownie stuff and then it was time for bed and the most recent episode of Pretty little liars! Please tell me that I’m not the only one who is gutted that it’s almost over!


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