Berlin 2017: May 13th – 16th

We had a great weekend in Berlin, we only went for three days but we had so much fun. On the first day we had to leave to go to the airport at 3am so we were pretty tired! We landed in Berlin at 9am local time, we checked into our hotel and dropped our bags off before we went and met up with my boyfriends friends. We spent the morning exploring and then we went to a pub for drinks and a bowl of chips. Once we had eaten we did a little more exploring before meeting up with some more people who had come and we went to get some food. I hadn’t been feeling brilliant and the tofu katsu curry that I had ordered was more than enough to make me ill. Tom finished up his food and we headed back to our hotel so I could lie down for a bit and we relaxed until we got ourselves ready to go out. We had a few drinks in the hotel bar but I still wasn’t feeling great and we were both really tired so we decided to call it a night.

On Sunday we had the morning to ourselves because everyone else had been out till 8am so they weren’t getting up any time soon. We got breakfast at a lovely little café and we spent the morning wandering around a park. While we were out we stopped at an outdoor restaurant next to a boating lake and there was live music. We met up with the others at a Mexican restaurant for the boys to have breakfast and our dinner! After eating we went back to the hotel so that everyone could have a nap and freshen up before we went out. We started off with some drinks in the hotel bar again and the boys got pizzas. We eventually went out to a bar but neither Tom or I were really feeling it and I was still ill so we decided to call it a night pretty early and we got a cab back to the hotel.

We woke up on Monday to pack up our things and check out of the hotel and then we went to a cool ‘books and bagels’ cafe to get some breakfast. We met up with the others and then we all headed into town, we sat in a park and chatted while the boys drank some beers. When the others that we were with left to go to the airport, Tom and I decided to head to the mall of Berlin. We spent a while perusing the shops and then we headed to the airport and eventually, after a delay, we got on a plane back home.


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